Bartender Resume Example, Template & Writing Tips for 2024

Bartender jobs will increase as the hospitality sector recovers from harsh trading conditions caused by the global pandemic.

That doesn’t mean that you can expect to walk into a new job, though. Hiring managers want to know you’re right for the job before they’re going to interview you.

Applying with a fantastic bartender resume is how you get your foot in the door and beat the competition.

However, writing a killer bartender resume isn’t about just getting your work experience on paper. A professional resume has the proper format and content to get you on the interview list.

This article tells you everything you need to know about standing out from a crowd of applicants. Read on and find bartender resume examples and templates to get you on the road.

Bartending Resume Sample

The great thing about reviewing bartender resumes samples is that it shows you how it’s done. That way, you get it right and don’t miss out on great opportunities.

We want you to ace your job search. So there are bartender resume examples for each section of your resume, making it super easy.

For this bartender resume sample, Sammie has chosen our Cambridge resume template in red.

bartender resume example

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How to Write a Killer Bartender Resume in 2024: Best Bartender Resume Description & Guide

Resumes for bartending must convince hiring managers you’re the best applicant within only a few seconds. They must scan loads of tedious resumes for each job, so make yours jump out.

Bartenders are essential to the success of any drinks-serving establishment. They also do much more than merely pour and mix drinks. Therefore, highlight your top bartending skills if you want to get noticed.

Starting with your bartender resume summary, pack your application with action verbs to show your worth. Dull, jaded phrases see resumes getting rejected very quickly, so include words like these to describe yourself –

  • Contribute
  • Enable
  • Guide
  • Involve
  • Participate
  • Support

A high school diploma is enough to get you onto the floor. It’s working hard to gain professional experience on the job that gets you ahead.

Whether you’ve worked a bar area before or are looking to get into it, attitude matters. Bartenders work long shifts, mixing with various people, with multiple tasks happening simultaneously. They must be alert, confident, fit, friendly and firm.

Multitasking and time management must be second nature to you if you’re going to love your bartender job. Liquor laws make up part of a bartender’s job description as well. Knowing what liquor laws apply to the state you’re working in is essential. So is your willingness to enforce them.

Bartenders work in jobs across the hospitality sector, from bars, restaurants, clubs and private functions to cruise ships. The more bartending experience you gain, the more opportunities open up for you.

Experienced bartenders with extensive knowledge of alcoholic beverages, mixology and a vast range of cocktail and drink recipes do well. If they’re multilingual, they do even better.

Resumes for bartenders with excellent bartending skills are welcome across the globe for full-time jobs and freelance gigs. If you’re keen on travelling the world while working to pay your way, hone your bartender and language skills, and you’ll be on your way.

The most essential part of bagging your dream job in bartending is putting out your best bartender job description resume.

Before we get into how to do that, a quick word on applicant tracking systems or ATS. If you’re applying to big players in hospitality, they definitely use ATS parsing software to screen all applications.

All jobs are loaded with vital keywords via ATS to websites and job boards. Parsers screen incoming resumes for these keywords. If they don’t pick them up, the application is removed with a polite regret message.

When you use a resume builder, all you need to do is identify crucial keywords in job posts and compile a perfect resume. All other nitty gritties of resume writing are taken care of for you with a range of resume templates.

Let’s get started writing a resume for bartenders.

Personal Information

Getting your personal info down accurately on your bartender resume is vital.

Many people overlook the importance when copying resume templates to do in Word. A resume builder ensures you don’t forget this critical section of your resume.

Think about it! Two numbers or letters are swapped in your phone or email contact details, and no one can get a hold of you. Bye-bye, job of your dreams.

Give this section another once over for precision before submitting an application.

This is also the section where your LinkedIn profile can showcase your professional experience as a bartender. Mainly if your bartender job description is detailed.

Personal Information Example

bartender personal information on resume example

Reader-friendly, accurate, and that’s it.

How to Format this Section

All you want here is the facts accurately recorded.

Avoid any unnecessary details and use a reader-friendly business font. All you need is your full name, residential address, phone number and email address.

Resume Objective

It’s the first thing readers see, so grab their attention with action verbs and keywords. Also known as a resume summary, a resume objective isn’t a cover letter.

An objective summarizes your years of experience, hard and soft skills, bartending, and achievements. In contrast, a cover letter has plenty of room for details.

You must say enough in only a few words to persuade the hiring bar manager to reach out and contact you. If your resume summary is boring and irrelevant, the rest of your bartender resume description will go unread – guaranteed!

Make it upbeat, positive and convincing and include numbers and stats for optimal impact.

Here are two examples.

Resume Objective for an Entry Level Bartender Resume

bartender resume experience

You can see this applicant is a new bartender with little experience but keen to learn.

Resume Objective for Experienced Bartending Resumes

bartender resume experience

This applicant uses numbers and languages excellently to get readers to want to know more.

How to Format this Section

You have to convince the reader you’re worth an interview in around 50 to 60 words.

Cleverly combine facts and keywords with numbers and personal statistics for the best impression.

Only use job-related skills and work experience drawn for the job post.

You can expand on the info in your objective in your bartender resume. Never over-exaggerate your skills and experience, however. Overstating your abilities will come out during the interview process. Honesty is always the best policy.

Professional Work Experience

This is where you tell potential employers what you can do and why they must hire you.

Get your bartender experience resume spot on by listing your entire work history and years of experience separately. Use this list when applying for individual jobs.

Read the ad carefully to identify keywords in the job description and title. Extract those that match your experience, then adapt the wording to mirror the job post. Also, list your work experience in the same order of importance.

Also, list your working history in descending order starting with the most recent and working backwards.

Parsing software heads straight to resumes’ work experience section searching for keywords. You beat the parsers and get onto the shortlist by echoing the ad wording.

Even though all bartenders have similar responsibilities, each establishment has its own requirements. For instance, some bartenders serve food or prepare their own garnishes, while others don’t. Give them precisely what they want on your bartender responsibilities resume.

These are some common keywords you’ll find in a bartender duties resume.

  • Drink orders
  • Menu items
  • Food service
  • Drink recipes
  • Cocktail recipes
  • Mixology
  • Garnish
  • Bar inventory
  • Glassware
  • POS systems
  • Point-of-sale
  • Cash register
  • Credit card payments
  • Multitasking
  • Liquor laws
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Service skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills

Professional Work Experience Example

bartender resume work experience

Note the use of vital keywords in this bartending resume sample that echo the job post.

How to Format this Section

Use business style fonts and bullet points in the experience section with lots of white space to get the correct resume format. A resume builder takes care of that for you.

Keep the wording to be short but don’t omit vital details. Percentages, statistics, and currency are ideal for showing your professional experience without being wordy.

Write each required job responsibility to fit a bullet point in the same order as the job post.

No opening statement is necessary unless you’ve had more than one role with the same employer.

Education and Certifications

You need a high school diploma to work as a bartender. Bar managers and lead bartenders mostly have a few certifications in their portfolios.

If you’re a new bartender and looking for an entry-level bartender position, going to bartending school will open doors.

While you don’t need a bartending license in the USA, state-sponsored certifications expand your knowledge and enhance your resume. If you’re chasing international gigs, there are global bartending certifications too.

Education and Certifications Sample

bartender resume education example

List certifications in descending order, starting with the most recent.

How to Format this Section

This section must be factual and to the point.

Bar managers will only scan the content to see if you have the qualifications they’re after.

Start with the most recent certifications listing the training institution, followed by the accreditation and continue in descending order.


Bartender resume skills are another favorite haunt of ATS parsers hunting for keywords.

Source the required skills in job posts and list them in the skills section.

Hard and soft skills are equally important in your bartender skills for resume if you see them in a job ad.

Take your time writing bartending resume skills. You’ll be rewarded for the extra effort.

Skills Example

bartender resume skills example

Rate your skills level and keep it clean.

How to Format this Section

List only skills that are in the bartender job description. Other skills you have can be discussed in interviews.

Keep descriptions short and rate each one according to your expertise.

Hobbies and Interests

Do hobbies and interests have a place on a bartender resume?

In short, yes if they relate directly to the job; otherwise, no.

If you’re an aspiring brewmaster in your spare time or volunteer in catering, it enhances your resume. If you’re a gamer or enjoy recreational MC, it won’t.

Hobbies and Interests Example

bartender resume hobbies example

As with other sections, keep details brief. You can discuss hobbies and interests further during the interview process.

How to Format this Section

Keep the format concise.


Close your bartending resume with references.

Avoid giving too much detail for security reasons. You can list references as available on request unless the job post specifically states contactable references are required.

It’s advisable to contact referees to give them a heads-up. That way, they know to expect a reference call.

References Example

bartender references example

Names, companies and contacts are all that’s needed.

How to Format this Section

Precise and straightforward.

Other Related Resume Templates

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Apart from this bartending resume template, we’ve got loads of others. What about these?

Final Points on Writing a Resume for Bartenders

Keep these essentials in mind when crafting your best resume –

  • Use the correct resume format
  • Extract keywords from each job post
  • Take time selecting resume info
  • Use clear and concise wording
  • Include numbers and statistics
  • Use action verbs and positive language
  • Stick to a two-page resume
  • Send your resume in pdf format

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