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Increase your chances of finding a job and create your CV with one of our professionally designed CV templates. Curious to find out how these templates can work for you? Scroll down and check out the different CV examples we've made to inspire you.

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  • Writing a cv gets a lot easier using our CVmaker. With our professionally designed templates, it's simply a matter of filling out the right information in the wizard. However, as it is something you don't do every day, we can imagine you can use a little help to get started. Therefore, on this page, you'll find examples of good CVs that you can use for inspirational purposes. Feel free to download and use them to your benefit!

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    Example CV - Staff Nurse

    example cv staff nurse

    Download this Staff Nurse cv example as pdf

    You can see from this CV template how Jo cleverly lets the reader know that she's looking for a career in acute and chronic medicine. She charts her career listing day-to-day responsibilities clearly and concisely. A quick scan of the well-laid-out CV immediately tells you she's an experienced staff nurse. Jo chose the Stanford template in pink, a colour of compassion, which allows her to make her skills stand out. In addition, this template gives you the option of including a professional headshot.

    CV example mechanical engineer - Edinburgh template

    CV example mechanical engineer EN

    Download this cv example - mechanical engineer

    After working for Kwik Fit, Mohammad is now looking for a new challenge at a car dealership. In his personal statement, he explains clearly, who he is and what he is looking for in his new job. As for the template, Mohammad chose to use the professional-looking Edinburgh template. This template can be used with or without a photo and will automatically adjust the layout.

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    CV example university graduate looking for HR role - Auckland template

    CV example university graduate hr role EN

    Download this cv example - university graduate looking for HR role

    In the cv example above, applicant Paul is a university graduate, looking for an HR role to start his career. During his study, he has already gained relevant working experience both professional and voluntary. This experience might give him an advantage over other candidates, therefore it is high up on his cv. To give the cv a bit of extra weight, Paul also mentions his extracurricular activity as a board member of the university business club. For more information on making a good cv as a (graduate) student also check out our blog post on "How to write a killer student cv". Paul chose to use the neutral, but professional cv template "Auckland" without a photo. With our cv builder, it is easy to switch to a different template. In the example below, we've transformed Paul's cv into one with a picture.

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    CV example university graduate with photo - Cambridge template

    CV example university graduate hr role with photo EN

    Paul's cv is now used in the more modern template Cambridge with a photo. The template can also be used without a photo if desired. With CVmaker, you can easily duplicate your cv and adjust it to fit your application.

    Download this cv example - university graduate with a photo

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    CV example hospitality - Harvard template

    cv example manager hospitality EN

    Download this cv example - next step in hospitality career

    In the cv example above, applicant John is looking for the next step in his career. He has experience working in hospitality in a management role. John is currently working in nightlife but wants to make a switch to an employer in the high-end hospitality industry, as he explains in his cv profile

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    CV example primary school teacher - Otago template

    CV example primary school teacher EN

    Download this cv example - primary school teacher

    Lisa Jackson is a primary school teacher looking for a new challenge. In her personal statement, she explains her strengths, ethical values and the type of job she is looking for. By adding her key skills, interests and courses, she gives her new potential employer all the information required to have an image of her as a teacher. She used the Otago template which has a neutral layout and features a small picture in the top left corner that doesn't distract attention from the rest of the cv. However, this template can also be used without a picture, if desired.

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    Highly customizable CV templates

    All of the templates offered by CVmaker are highly customizable. You can freely rearrange the layout of the cv, to present yourself in the best possible way to your potential employer. If you would like to have for instance your courses or skills higher up your cv, you can easily place them above your work experience. The templates can be used either with or without a photo, your cv will adjust accordingly. Each template can be used in different colours. During your membership, you'll be able to edit and download your cv as much as you like. To increase your chances of getting invited to a job interview, we strongly recommend tailoring and fine-tuning your cv per application.


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