How to use / cancel CVmaker service? is a service for job seekers. Via our web application you can easily create, edit and save your resume online. Secondly, you're also able to create application letters in a style that matches your resume. From your personal account, you can send applications with the resume and application letters that you've created. By doing so, you're also able to see whether  companies have opened your application. This way, you can organise and manage your application activities.

cvmaker personal account

After logging into your personal account you'll find the following tabs;

  • CV's; here, you can create, duplicate, edit and download your resume.
  • Application letter; here, you can create, edit and download your application letters.
  • Apply; here, you can apply using the resume and application letters you created before. You'll also be able to see whether your application has been opened or not.
  • Jobs; here, you can search for vacancies.
  • Account; here, you can edit your credentials, e-mail preferences and cancel or reactivate your membership.

During your membership, you can infinitely use all of the aforementioned functionalities. The minimal duration of a membership is seven days, during which you can create an infinite amount of resume and letters. After this first week, your subscription will automatically be renewed with a month until the membership is cancelled. You can cancel your subscription at any given moment. After the first trial week, your subscription will be renewed per month. Once you've cancelled your account, you'll still be able to use all functionalities until the last billed period. So if you cancel your subscription immediately after making your resume, you'll still have seven days during which you can edit and download your resume and application letters.

Frequently asked questions regarding the subscription

I have found a job. How do I cancel my subscription?

Congratulations! You can easily cancel your subscription, from your personal account. Make sure to log in, and click "Account". Scroll down to "Change your membership". Click the red button stating "Deactivate account" and your subscription will automatically be terminated the next period.

cvmaker cancel membership

I don't see a red button. How is this possible?

Probably, you see a blue button stating "Activate account". This means that you've already terminated your account, in case of doubt, feel free to contact us!

What happens once I've deactivated my account?

Your account will continue to exist, however, all payments are paused of course. We will store your account, created resume and application letters on our secured servers. You can reactivate your subscription if whenever you need to. Would you like to fully and permanently your account and data from our server? No problem, please send your request to [email protected] and we'll handle it for you!

Is there a cancellation period? When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your membership at any given moment. If you cancel with in the first week trial period, you will only pay for the first week. After the first week, your subscription is renewed on a monthly basis. You will always be able to use all services until the ultimate termination date, so if you cancel straight away, you'll still be able to use all services for a week.

I would like to simply create one resume. Is this possible?

Of course! Although we recommend to tailor and customise your resume to match the vacancy, you can also choose to create only one resume. Make sure to deactivate the account right after creating the resume. As mentioned before, you'll still be able to use all functionalities for a week as you've already paid to make use of our service.

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