Pharmacy Technician Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2024

As a certified pharmacy technician, you are essential to the healthcare team. In this capacity, you will help pharmacists dispense prescription medication to patients. You are vital in ensuring that medications are allocated safely and accurately. When it comes time to update your pharmacy technician resume or create a new one, it's important to include the correct information and present it in a way that will catch the eye of hiring managers.

However, this is where the challenges start - especially for those composing an entry level pharmacy technician resume. The finest pharmacy technician resume examples clearly show the candidate's experience, abilities, and enthusiasm for working in the healthcare field. They are generally a single page and include two recent employment experiences, relevant education, skills, and references that can speak to your credibility.

Whether you're a tech with years of experience or looking to enter the pharmacy position, this article will serve you well. The information below will provide you with a guide to writing a retail or hospital pharmacy technician resume. We will also provide you with a pharmacy technician resume sample to review.

Let's get started.

Pharmacy Technician Resume Example

Pharmacy technicians should be prepared to answer all of the questions in the pharmacy technician job description. It will describe which skills are necessary, how much experience you must have, and what level of education is required. In many situations, the ad will describe the kind of interpersonal skills a pharmacy is looking for in its workers.

This is precisely what a pharmacy technician's resume example such as this one accomplishes. Lisa Jones, the job applicant in our article, will use the following pharmacy technician profile to land an opportunity at a renowned store where she works as an experienced cashier. This will be a useful starting point for anybody considering an entry-level pharmacy tech position. On the other hand, the structure, layout, and keywords are appropriate for experienced pharmacy technicians.

Lisa Smith Pharmacy Technician

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Job search engines and recruiters that automate finding the right applicant for the company are a great way to find pharmacy technician jobs. These sites use automated computer programs to scan job applications for keywords.

However, this is not the case for all work. Most retail stores with in-house pharmacies prefer hiring individuals with the appropriate qualifications and training, even if they are only entry-level employees. As a result, if you can submit your resume directly to a pharmacy, it's critical to make it unique for each position.

This is the scenario in which Lisa finds herself. She prepared this resume specifically for her employer in Vista, California. This may be seen from the resume summary on her pharmacy technician resume example.

As you continue through the resume, you'll note that she created a work history section, including her current cashier position, with a few bullet points highlighting job duties. She also selected a previous job working at a medical office.

She includes her most recent college degree, completion of the CpHT or PTCB certification course (provided by her employer), three job references, and a list of necessary and desirable traits, including communication abilities, organization skills, and attention to detail.

These skills may be used in the same way that keywords are used to find job candidates by applicant tracking systems on, Indeed, and other sites such as LinkedIn and Google. They will also appear in resumes and applications submitted by applicants to the company.

Her resume is tidy, well-structured, and grammatically correct in the end. It demonstrates her professionalism and attention to detail, which is vital for being a great pharmacy technician.

How to Write a Good Resume for Pharmacy Technician in 2024: Pharmacy Technician Resume Description & Guide

Our team of professional resume writers wrote the sample resume seen above. So, if you believe your writing isn't up to par, don't sell yourself short. To be honest, our resumes appear excellent due to two significant factors. First, we begin with a strategy for action — or a Master Resume.

The master resume is an outline or a live document that allows you to arrange the main components, add material inside each one, and modify the content. You may use Apple or Word documents to complete the final editing. However, we recommend using an online grammar software program such as

The second detail that makes our resumes attractive is the template. In our online template, you may add personal information, modify significant sections, and paste the content into sub-sections. In the end, the finished product is easy to understand and professional.

Let's look at the essential areas you should include in your pharmacy technician resume now that we've given you the keys to our success.

Personal Contact Information: This area should include your current contact information so that they may get in touch with you for an interview.

Resume Summary: Your best chance to describe why you're a good fit for the technician job is your Pharmacy tech resume objectives summary.

Work History: This is where you'll write the relevant work experience section. If you've never worked at a pharmacy before, choose the most recent jobs where you've shown excellent behavior and ethics.

Education: The simplest part of a professional resume is the education section. In this location, you'll list the highest level of education you've received.

Skills: We propose choosing your top six pharmacy tech resume skills. In the sections below, we'll provide some examples.

References: A reference is someone you know who can vouch for your qualifications, work ethic, and abilities. Selecting three references to include on your resume in pharmacology is optimal. We'll show you how to structure this in your CV, so their privacy isn't jeopardized.

Let's get started on your resume. Start by writing the primary sections in bold type on the document. As we go through each section, add any pertinent information to it - so you save time.

Section #1 – List Your Contact Information

A pharmacy is a healthcare business, so you'll be dealing with individuals' sensitive information. The medical profession has HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards that all workers must follow. As a technician, you'll need to demonstrate your attention to detail with filling prescriptions and inventory management. When you begin with your resume in the contact information section, you'll have an opportunity to demonstrate this.

Pharmacy Technician Contact Information

For a resume, you'll want to include your complete legal name and mailing address, as well as your email address and mobile phone number. The most essential thing to remember is that you must match completely what you stated on your application. If you prepare a cover letter, make sure the personal contact information you provide on it corresponds with the CV.

How to Format this Section

When using the master resume, write each item listed above separately. This will make it easier for you to copy and paste into a resume builder or template – such as the one we used to create the sample resume above.

Section #2 – Resume Summary 

The opening paragraph of any piece of writing, whether it's an essay or a resume, reels the reader in. The resume summary is one example of this, which you should know as a resume writer. The pharmacy technician resume objective section  is where you should briefly state your purpose for wanting to work for the company, what skills and experience you have, and what distinguishes you from other applicants.

You'll want to focus on your interpersonal skills or action verbs, such as excellent customer service and communication (both written and vocal), attention to detail with patient care, the ability to work alone, and the capacity to resolve conflict, in a pharmacy technician role.

Many individuals overlook one thing when looking for pharmacy positions: they are frequently the first person to engage with uncomfortable consumers. As a result, an excellent pharmacy technician must be skilled in dealing with customer complaints, those who are frustrated with lack of insurance coverage, or simply are not feeling well. This is articulated through compassion and conflict resolution.


You can see in Lisa's sample resume summary section above that she lists her current employment with the company she is hoping to be promoted. When you review the opening statement, it's easy to see how she's listed the hard and soft skills that will make her a great retail pharmacy technician. Finally – she wraps up the paragraph by talking about her interpersonal skills – including teamwork, compassion for others, and maintaining a clean workspace.

If you have previous entry-level pharmacy technician job experience, focus on industry-specific skills such as processing insurance claims, co-pays, communicating with medical providers, multiple incoming calls, multitasking, and filing medical records.

How to Format this Section

The greatest resume summaries are those that flow naturally and have a professional yet conversational tone. We believe expressing oneself as you would during an interview is preferable. The word document master resume is beneficial since it allows the program to dictate it for you to hear how it sounds.

Keep it to five sentences, ranging from 125 to 150 words. When you format it – this section should be placed right below your contact information or at the top of the page (as shown in Lisa's sample resume.)

Section #3 – Work History

Many pharmacy technician jobs are accessible to those without medical knowledge, especially if you already work for a big business. Suppose you have previously worked in a professional workplace such as a law or doctor's office, retail company, or service firm. In that case, this will be considered relevant experience for many employers.

Pharmacy Technician Work History

Lisa has done this in her sample resume work history section posted below. Her first entry is that of her current employer - who has a pharmacy in their store. The second is her experience working as a receptionist for a doctor's office.

She can articulate her experience with company policies and procedures in both jobs. However, in the second position, she can explain her experience with the medical industry, understanding HIPAA regulations, insurance billing, and patients. The combination of both jobs showcases the skills required for being a great pharmacy technician.

How to Format this Section

The work history part should contain (2) examples of jobs or positions you've held. If you don't have two previous employment experiences, an internship will be an excellent addition to this section.

For the structure, include:

  • Your employer's name.
  • Address.
  • Start and end dates of employment.
  • A few points about your responsibilities.

You'll want to list these jobs in reverse chronological order - or put the most recent positions at the top and work your way down.

Section #4 – Education

Pharmacy job opportunities vary based on location, clientele, and responsibilities. On any employment description, you'll discover the qualifications required for most administrative assistant jobs in a dental or medical office. A high school diploma or GED certificate is usually required for administrative assistant jobs in a dental or medical practice (in some cases).

When highlighting your educational background on your resume, the most important thing to consider is only what you've achieved at your best-completed level. If you're currently enrolled in college but haven't received your degree, included the education or diploma you've obtained. Information about current enrollment is best noted in a cover letter or resume summary (if it applies to your job).

Pharmacy Technician Education

You'll notice that Lisa has listed her diploma from Oceanside High School in her hometown. She mentions being a college student in her resume summary – and will include that in her cover letter. However, current enrollment does not belong to a pharmacy technician position in this section.

If you have passed your PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) or CpHT certifications - you can either list them on top of your education section or create a separate Certifications section on your resume. This would follow the education section and simply note the name of the cert, the institution where you took the exam, and date of completion.

How to Format This Section

Formatting the education section is very easy. Just list the name of the school, its location, dates, and the degree earned. Remember – only use the school you've graduated from or completed your education.

Section #5– References

You probably know what a reference is and how to select one. However, if you don't have much work experience, how do you pick the finest references for a pharmacy technician position? When it comes to any reference, the most crucial aspect is being sure of yourself, having credibility, and getting to know yourself very well.

You should find any reference you pick capable of clearly demonstrating why you're the best candidate for that pharmacy tech job. In an ideal situation, you'd pick (2) references from your past experiences – either in school, at a previous job, or as a volunteer. The last reference should be a personal one - perhaps a family friend or mentor who can speak to your character and trustworthiness.

Pharmacy Technician References

Lisa has done this in her resume – by listing one of her current managers, a former manager from the medical office listed in the work history section, and one of her high school teachers.

How to Format This Section

You should safeguard any reference's private contact information if you use it or list it on your resume. To meet this aim, write down the first and last name of your reference, the location of employment (or where you know them from), and the words "at request."

Unless the pharmacy you are interested in joining has asked, your references' contact information will be kept private. Always maintain personal contact information for your reference, including their email, mailing address, and phone number. Give that data to a potential employer only if specifically requested.

Section #6 – Skills

We addressed this in the opening paragraphs, but explaining what talents are required for a pharmacy technician's resume is essential. A fantastic technician has great communication skills (both written and spoken), charming in phone conversations and in person, displays attention to detail with patient records, has a strong work ethic, and strong computer abilities.

This is also beneficial if you have specialist IT abilities such as cloud-based software usage and interacting with insurance companies and new patients.

Pharmacy Technician Skills

Let's have a closer look at Lisa's example resume structure. On the sidebar of her finished resume, she has listed five of them. She also utilized a resume builder or template, which allows her to rate each skill on her experience level. Furthermore, the resume format enables her to arrange them in order of importance for the position.

If you’re looking to sprinkle in a few action verbs to enhance your resume skills section, here are a few extras to consider. Think about adding your ability to explain prescription labels to patients, understanding of medical terminology,

How to Format This Section

List the skills you possess requested by the future employer in a bullet point format in your master resume. From that point, you can add them to a template – making them easy to access for future employers and hiring agencies.

Other Related Resume Templates 

We're incredibly proud of the pharmacy technician resume templates we've developed for aspiring professionals worldwide over the years. However, it's occasionally necessary to look at other medical sector resumes and see how they format, structure, and express their final documents.

We have assembled a collection of relevant resume templates, which are 100 percent free to review. Take some time to read the sample resumes – and feel free to incorporate some of the ideas in these resumes into yours.

Final Points on Writing a Successful Pharmacy Tech Resume

Hopefully, you've discovered the information we've provided above helpful in constructing your pharmacy tech resume. As we've stated above, the key is to write your resume to target the specific position for which you're seeking employment.

Customizing the master resume for unique occupations is simple when you know how to format a resume, which sections to include, and what key phrases or abilities should be included in each relative section. We highly advocate using Lisa's document as a foundation - but personalize it according to your responsibilities at different levels of administration.

Here are some essential pointers to bear in mind for a quick rundown.

  • Make sure the document flows well and reads quickly.
  • Always use a plain white background with black font when writing your resume.
  • Manually edit it using and visual inspection several times.
  • It should be well-spaced, organized, and professional in appearance.

The most essential editing tip is to use a high-quality editor, such as or another quality editor. Don't be scared to utilize a pharmacy technician resume template like this one to ensure it's neat, tidy, and well-structured.

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