Best Resume Headline Examples for 2024 & How to Write Tips

If you’re here to learn more about resume headlines, you’re in the right spot. A resume headline is an excellent way to draw the eyes of recruiters and get you into a position where you can breeze through an interview. In addition, resume headlines let you show off your credentials and introduce yourself to someone hiring for your desired position.

This article will delve into what a resume headline is, why you should include one, and how it can help you land a job. In addition, we’ll share a variety of resume headline samples and provide tips to use when you craft your own. By the time you finish reading, you’ll be ready to create an attractive headline that you can count on!

What Is a Headline on a Resume and Why Do You Need It?

Resume headlines, also known as resume taglines, aren’t used by everyone. So you might be scratching your head, wondering, “What does ‘headline’ mean?” A resume headline is a catchy one-line description of yourself that highlights your skills and experiences. It’s traditionally used to introduce yourself to someone reading the resume.

How Does a Headline on Your Resume Help You Get a Job?

Keep in mind that most managers and recruiters look at a resume for less than 10 seconds. It might seem unbelievable, but it’s true. That means you need to get attention fast and then keep it. This is what a resume headline (and the use of an excellent resume template) can offer to you.

You want to be put in a “maybe” pile rather than having your resume tossed in the recycling. Using an excellent resume headline will help. In addition, it can encourage someone to read on and learn more about you.

But this isn’t the only reason a resume headline can help you get the job you desire. It can also be used to ensure your resume makes it past the dreaded applicant tracking system. Also known as ATS, this is a piece of software that scans your resume before sending the best matches to a human.

Almost ¾ of resumes never make it through ATS. Not having the right keywords and experiences can cause your resume to be left in limbo. A resume headline can help prevent that issue. Your title, experience, and skills are all read by the software, which can see you’re a good candidate.

After you have a great resume headline, learn more about how to make a resume so you can get everything done and submitted.

35 Winning Resume Headline Examples for Multiple Jobs

One resume headline sample might be better than another, depending on your industry. That’s why we want to share resume title examples for any job. So look below to find the sector closest to the job you want and check out the headline for resume examples that may work for your needs.

Marketing & Sales

The resume header for a graphic designer, project manager, or other advertising professional should lean into the skills you use every day. Below are several examples based on different positions that you might apply for. Tweak them as needed to fit your needs and the keywords in the job description.

  • Online Marketing Manager with 10 Years of Experience
  • Top-Grossing B2B Sales Rep Who Exceeds Targets by 25%
  • Friendly Medical Device Sales Manager with 5+ Years of Experience
  • Marketing Specialist 5 Years of Experience and $1 Million in Annual Sales
  • Marketing Student with Experience in EDM Marketing

Management & Business

The one-liner resume summary for your job application in business or management needs to paint you in the best light. Whether you want a job as an executive assistant, a project manager, or another leadership position, you can craft your resume headline based on one of the examples below.

  • Professional Business Writer with 5 Years’ Experience in Grants and Business Proposals
  • Navy Veteran with 15 Years of Leadership Experience
  • 4.0 GPA Business Major and City Hall Volunteer
  • Verbally Communicative Administrative Assistant with Software Knowledge
  • Organized Project Manager with 7 Years of Experience and MBA Student

Healthcare & Medical

While you work with a resume builder for your resume writing needs, specific items are included in your resume headline. Track record is vital, but skills are what are going to get you noticed. In a competitive environment, you can elevate things with an excellent headline to top your professional document.

  • Nurse Practitioner with 5 Years’ Experience Treating Diverse Patients
  • CPT/AAMA Certified Medical Assistant with Bilingual Communication Abilities
  • New Graduate Registered Nurse with Emergency Clinical Experience
  • Senior Medical Receptionist with 7 Years’ Experience in Patient Intake
  • Medical Doctor with 10 Years’ Experience in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Software Development & Engineering

Job seekers who want a position in engineering or software development will want to show experience, certifications, and abilities like cleaning. While you go through the job search, look for words included in the job descriptions. You want to give an impressive summary in just a few words.

  • Structural DOT Engineer with 5 Years of Experience in Bridge Evaluation
  • Award-Winning Biomedical Engineering Researcher
  • Graduate Civil Engineering Student with Published Research
  • Adaptable Software Developer Knowledgeable in C++ and Python
  • Licensed Mechanical Engineer with Experience in the Oil Industry

Retail & Customer Service

Retail and customer service may be different positions, but many of the skills that look good on one resume will look good on the other. Some are resume title examples for entry-level jobs, while others are geared more toward those with a lot of experience and achievement in the field.

  • Reliable Recent Graduate with 2+ Years’ Experience as Bagger and Cashier
  • Business Management Student and Bank Branch Manager
  • Warehouse Senior Manager with 10+ Years’ Forklift Experience
  • Passionate Retail Associate with Experience in Women’s Fashion
  • Call Center Agent with 8+ Years Experience and Top Metrics

Finance and Accounting

As someone working in accounting or finance, numbers are an essential part of your world. So make sure your resume headline highlights your achievements and how you’ve made past workplaces exceptional to have the best chance of moving forward in the job application process.

  • Corporate Data Analyst with 5+ Years’ Insurance and Bank Experience
  • Proficient Certified Public Accountant Specializing in Large Businesses
  • Part-Time Tax Preparation Expert with Knowledge of Multiple Tax Software Packages
  • Senior Financial Controller with 10+ Years of Executive Experience
  • Top-Rated Bank Intern and Honor Finance Student

Human Services & Education

The last industry we want to share resume headlines for is education and human services. You’ll find headline choices for teachers, assistants, social workers, and others. As with prior headlines, share the job title, experience, and skills or some combination of at least two of these things.

  • Dedicated High School Teacher with Skills Guiding and Assessing 50 Students Each Term
  • Recent MA Library Science Graduate and Certified Public Librarian
  • Assistant Teacher Experienced in Managing Classes of 20+ Students
  • Social Worker with 8+ Years’ Experience Leading Weekly Therapy Workshops
  • Certified CPR/AED Lifeguard Providing Safety for 100 Swimmers Each Day

How to Write a Good Headline for Your Resume in 2023? 12 Tips That Work

You know you need a good resume headline, but that doesn’t translate to the knowledge of how to create that. When you need a professional headline for a resume, it needs to be short and sweet. This makes it easy in some ways and more difficult in others. The need for only a handful of words is a benefit, but the terms all have to be correct.

That means the process involves sitting down and thinking hard about what you want to convey and how you can best do so. There are many ways to write a resume headline, but you can use the format below to get started. Many people use this structure to be sure they include all of the critical information.

Start by writing down your job title, then add on how many years of experience you have. Next, add a task, skill, or achievement. You can use two if you want, but that can make it more complicated. As long as you do these things, you’ll be on your way to an excellent resume headline. Use the tips below for more assistance.

Tip 1: Look at the Job Description

We’ve mentioned that you need to use keywords for your resume headline. You can find these by scouring the job description. Look at what the employer is looking for and include those things in your headline (if they apply to you). The more keywords you have, the more likely someone will look at your resume and give you a shot.

Tip 2: Add Work Experience

Assuming you are moving into a position where you already have several years’ experience, make sure this is information you include. You want to show the amount of experience you have, especially if the job ad mentions a recommended level of experience. Then, you can weave this into your headline in just a few words.

Tip 3: Avoid Cliches

When crafting a compelling resume headline, avoid cliches. Instead of using words that are overused, try to use power words and action verbs. While creating a resume headline, you want to talk about concrete skills that you’ll back up in other parts of your resume. This is enough to make you stand out from other applicants.

Tip 4: Get the Position Right

Your resume is a way to show your communication skills and can make experienced applicants seem more serious about a position. But it’s essential to be sure you put the resume headline in the right spot. It should be the absolute first thing a hiring manager sees, save for your name and contact information.

Tip 5: Make it Short

If you want to give more information than a resume headline is used for, you should consider a resume summary or a resume objective instead. The idea behind a headline is to have a short statement that is ready in just a second or two. This part of the resume should never be more than a single line.

Tip 6: Standing Out Matters

Title case is the best way to write a resume headline since it makes it stand out from the rest of the information. In addition, it’s a good idea to make the font slightly larger than the other text on the page. While you want to make the headline easy to see, don’t go overly flashy or exaggerated. Instead, use your resume format to add additional visual appeal.

Tip 7: Focus on the Now

There are some areas of the resume where you can talk about what you hope to accomplish in the future. However, the resume headline is not the right section for this. Instead, focus on the past and present. You want to talk about what you’ve achieved and what you can do at this present point in time.

Tip 8: Limit the Skills

You do want to include skills in your headline, but you don’t want to go overboard. One or two skills are plenty to give the recruiter something to go on. The other skills can be used in the skills section or as bullet points in the work experience area. Make sure the skill(s) you choose are highly relevant to the position you’re seeking.

Tip 9: Headlines Can Work for New Grads

As you will see above in the resume headline examples for entry-level individuals, experience isn’t needed to write this resume section. The main thing to remember is that you should focus on your proficiencies and skills, even if not related to work. You can also add in any extracurricular achievements that make you stand out. You’ll find several resume headline examples for students up above in various industries.

Tip 10: Headlines Also Work with Little Experience

On the same note, if you only have a year or two of experience, you can still create an excellent resume headline. If you have relevant experiences, use them. But if you aren’t sure about that, you can focus on skills and achievements more than how long you’ve worked in the industry or in a similar job position.

Tip 11: New Headlines for Each Job

A resume headline isn’t something you write once and paste on each resume for every job application. Instead, this is meant to be a targeted headline for the specific job you want. As such, you should be writing a new one each time you apply for a position. This ensures you focus on the right skills and achievements and aren’t passed over.

Tip 12: Try Several Headlines

When you decide to apply for a job, write a few different headlines and then look them over carefully. Look at how it looks and read it aloud to see how it sounds. This will give you better insight into which one is best at describing you and why you’re an excellent person to get the position you want. Then, remember to write a new one for each job you apply to.

Resume Headline vs. Resume Title vs. Resume Profile

It can be confusing when you see words like “resume titles,” “resume profiles, “and resume headlines.” You might wonder if these are all the same or if there’s something that sets them apart. But, of course, it doesn’t hurt that resume objectives are also in the mix and are different from the other three.

Let’s clear up the objectives first. These are two to four sentence paragraphs that explain who you are, how many years of experience you have, and what you bring to a job. It’s more robust than the other three options.

So what is a resume title? It’s very short and states your title. So, a resume title might say “Mechanical Engineering Specialist.” On the other hand, the headline has details about your skills and experience. For example, it could say, “Mechanical Engineer with 10+ Years of Experience Helping Large Corporations.”

That still leaves the resume profile. So what makes it stand out? The resume profile is similar to a resume headline, but it doesn’t use capital letters. It’s a shorter version of a resume objective. It doesn’t seek to attract the reader – it’s solely focused on providing information.

Essentially, a resume title is a short title. Resume profiles and resume headlines are similar, but the headline stands out more. A resume objective is longer and has more information about achievements, skills, and abilities.

Final Points About Headlines for Resumes

Having the best resume headline can be enough to ensure your resume is read. Looking at a sample resume and headlines on the Internet can help you craft one that works well for your needs. Remember to use keywords, show your skills, and stand out when building your own headline for a resume.

While not all individuals include a resume headline, it can be an excellent way to get extra attention. Everyone can use them as a way to make sure your resume is seen. In competitive industries, the headline can be the optimal way to find yourself on a short stack of resumes that are called in for job interviews!

Need More Personalized Resume Headline Ideas? Check Out Our Resume Headline Generator

After you have a cover letter and most of your resume has been written, there’s one more thing standing in the way of a job interview. You still need to write a resume headline that gets the attention of managers or recruiters.

One way to do that is by penning it on your own. But you can also look to the Internet to handle this process. There are various resume headline tools online that will create a resume headline for you. Some even double as a way to make social media headlines for sites like LinkedIn. Enter your information, use the headline as is or edit it to be even better, and turn in your application!


How to make a resume headline attention-grabbing?

A good headline for a resume is short, bold, and easy to read. It uses impactful words that draw attention and make you seem like the best candidate for a job. Use words in the job description – which means the headline should be customized for each application you turn in.

What to write in a manager resume headline?

A manager's resume headline may vary based on the position. For example, a project manager might focus on their skills overseeing a website or construction scheduling. Think about the most critical management skills and make sure those are in your headline, making you look like a great employee.

What to write in a resume headline for customer service?

When writing a new headline for a customer service job, make sure to include details about past positions and achievements. For instance, you might write “passionate customer service representative with 98% customer satisfaction rate.”  The job description will give you clues about what words to focus on as you write.

How do you make a headline for a resume when you don’t have consistent experience?

For a new job in an industry where you have little or no experience, the headline should include traits and skills that pertain to the position. Think about past employment and volunteer experiences and how the things you have done make you a good candidate, and then include those things.

Where on your resume do you put a headline?

The resume headline should be at the top of your resume, just below your contact information or name (assuming those aren’t placed in a side column). This placement is used because it’s the first place a hiring manager looks. Make it stand out!

What are the most common mistakes people make when writing resume headlines?

Not using keywords from the job posting is a common mistake when writing resume headlines. Not customizing the headline for each application is another mistake many make. Adding in cliches, writing with boring terms, and not making the headline noticeable can also detract from its objective.

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