Production Assistant Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

Production assistants are an essential part of the world of television and film production. This is an entry-level position that lets you peek behind the curtain to see how things are done for big-budget and local productions. When you move into this career, you have a front-row seat into the industry and the chance to advance and excel as you learn the ropes.

However, landing one of these desirable positions requires an excellent product assistant resume. Many production assistant listings are competitive and it’s easier to move forward if you have connections in the industry. However, having an outstanding film PA resume can also lead to getting called back for an interview that changes your life.

This guide can be used as you craft a film production assistant resume or pen a TV production assistant resume. The jobs are similar and the same sort of information is shared on resumes for both. This makes it easier to apply for diverse positions if there isn’t a specific one that you’re certain you need to win.

At the same time, becoming a part of the production team can be challenging and we want to share how to build a resume that lets you shine. Our guide goes into detail about the type of resume you should create, what sections are best to include, and even how to design the resume so it gets noticed. Keep reading and you can get started.

Production assistant resume writing guide: Where to start?

Before you move forward, make sure you have the production assistant job description for the resume. It’s going to come in handy as you move through the process of building a master resume and then a job-specific one. Having this is a key part of making a resume that stands out and is relevant to the position you want. You can follow along below to start crafting your production assistant resume.

Master production assistant resume description

The first step of the process of getting hired for a production assistant position is crafting a master resume. This is not the same as the production assistant film resume that you are going to send in with your job application. This document is only for your own use. That should take a little bit of the pressure off of you. You compile your experience, skills, and education so you always have access to it.

You might wonder why you need to make two resumes at this point. It’s a good question. The purpose of a master resume is to give you easy access to everything you include on job-specific resumes. You don’t need to worry that you forgot a date or didn’t list a certification since you have all that information right in front of you from the start.

You might think that only information related to production assistance should be on the master resume but that isn’t true. Anything related to employment that might be useful in the future should be listed on the document. You never know when something will be needed in the future and you want to be sure you have it ready when that time comes.

Job-specific production assistant resumes

The job-specific resume for a production assistant is what you’ll see when you Google looking for these documents. It’s where everything is clean and has a nice aesthetic. This resume is designed for someone else to read it and call you in for an interview. As such, it has a lot of differences from the master resume that you should be making first.

Everything from your skill with production tools to your experience with a firm and even your education should be on this resume – but it also has to look good and be simple to read. You want a hiring manager to pick up and immediately see how great you’d be for the position. Part of this involves what we mentioned before, having access to the job description.

The point of this is to look through the listing and find keywords related to the job you desire. First, this shows that you care about detail and can prove that you’re a good fit. Second, it helps you get through applicant tracking systems that might hold back resumes that don’t seem related to the position. You can also research the company’s website for more insight into building the perfect resume.

Production assistant resume example

Production Assistant Resume Example

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Production assistant resume examples are a good way to visualize how you want to share your own information. The image above gives you an idea of how your document could look using production assistant resume templates. You can see this is an experienced production assistant who is proud of their achievements. You can easily pick out education, experience, skills, and other important bits.

What to include in a resume for a production assistant? Writing tips and examples

Job seekers who want to work in pre-production, production, and post-production will need to show they can do the job. Below, we’re going to delve into some of the sections that will allow you to do just that. We’ll share how to write a stunning resume objective, what to do to choose the right skills, and how to make your experience raise eyebrows. Fill in the other sections and you’ll be ready to go.

How to write a resume objective on a production assistant resume?

The first section we want to talk about is the production assistant resume objective. This is a small blurb that is on the top of the resume. If it’s a single-column resume, it will be just under the contact information. For two-column formats, it’s going to be the first thing you see under the main body of the resume.

Also called a production assistant resume summary, this is the place where you get attention on yourself. As such, it’s a good idea to add all your past accomplishments in the same field of work. Use numbers and action verbs to make your point without using too many words. After all, your objective should be no more than four sentences maximum.

There’s not a lot of formatting to worry about here. The words are what is going to make your production assistant resume interesting. If you run out of accomplishments, you can also talk about why you’re applying for the position or share your experience and education. Be brief and make this the best-written part of your resume so the rest of it is noticed.

The best way to describe your experience on a production assistant resume

Whether you are making a standard or freelance production assistant resume, you need to include all relevant experience. Professional experience can indicate that you already understand the job duties and need less training to start making an impact. Positions similar to the one you want should be prioritized if you have other experiences that might not fit.

At the same time, those who are new to the industry can use unrelated jobs on a resume. The important thing is to tie what you did there with what your tasks would be at a new company. Explain what your role was and how it made you fit for this new position. Most people will want to do this in reverse-chronological order.

You can scroll up to see how this looks when on a complete resume. You’ll notice that the name of the company, your role, and when you worked there are all included. Adding in the location could also be useful. But where you really show off your abilities is under this information. Bullet lists can be used to share your accomplishments.

Rather than simply jotting down what you did at work, weave in achievements whenever you can. This is going to make a bigger impact on the person who is reading resumes. Showing that you made positive changes at past jobs can go a long way toward you getting an interview.

How to include education on a production assistant's resume

Education is the third thing to consider for your set PA resume. Anyone in a production assistant role should make sure they list all the education they have. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Those with only a high school diploma should list it, but if you have a degree, there’s no need.

In addition, all of your degrees and certifications should be listed. As with work experience, reverse chronological is the best format. Place your most recent degree or certification and then work backward. When it comes to certifications, you don’t need to list them all. If you have some unrelated to the position, you can skip those.

The basic entry for a school or college is going to include what your degree was, where you got it, and when you received it. For university degrees, make sure you also include your major or any other important information you want the hiring manager to be aware of.

Most people who have experience will have a short and sweet entry for these things. However, if you have a lack of experience, you can add additional details. For instance, you could include your GPA, honors, and important classes you took. Just make sure what you share is something the employer would want to know.

Top skills to insert into a resume for a production assistant

Adding production assistant skills to a resume is essential. You need to insert some soft skills as well as some technical skills. Interpersonal skills and organizational skills are also important in this kind of job. The main thing to remember here is that the key skills are also going to be relevant skills that show you can do the job.

The job description will often list skills you want to add, whether you’re in video production or television production. If you have listed skills, here is where you should highlight them. Pick anywhere between about five and 10 and make sure you use a bullet list. This makes it easier to read and move on to other parts of the resume.

Not sure which skills you should use? Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common skills for production assistants. Use them as they are or utilize the list to brainstorm some ideas that fit your resume.

·       Adobe Photoshop

·       Adobe Premiere

·       Commercial Shoots

·       Communication Skills

·       Electronic Field Production

·       Event Management

·       International TV Production

·       Movie Production

·       News Coverage

·       Non-linear AVID Editing

·       Post-Production

·       Production Schedules

·       Promotional Videos

·       Video Editing Software

Now that you know how to put together many of the sections of your resume, don’t forget that it needs to look great, too. CVMaker is here to help you. We offer a variety of great production assistant resume templates for you to choose from. Select the one you like, choose a color, and build an impressive resume.

Key takeaways on building a professional production assistant resume

You started this wondering how to put production assistant on a resume and now you have all the tips you need to craft a great document. Use the tips below to make sure it’s perfect before you send in your production assistant job application. Use the job description, the examples here, and your newfound knowledge to get the job. Good luck!

Extra tips for production assistant’s resumes:

Before you head off to make your new resume, we want to share a selection of extra tips. This will ensure your document is noticed so you have a better chance at getting the job you want. Take a look and make any changes you need before you turn in your job application.

·       Make sure you use the production assistant job description for the resume. It’s going to have the best information to ensure your document is relevant and well-written. Incorporate keywords for the best chance of moving forward.

·       After you’re done with the writing process, you can move forward to editing. Read through the document and clean up any misspellings and typos. Use a tool like Grammarly to catch any errors you don’t notice.

·       Use a combination of professional and simple language as much as possible. You want to be sure that anyone who checks out your resume can easily read it.

·       Be careful when you decide how many colors and fonts you use on your resume. In most cases, less is more. Going over two of either can make the resume too busy and harder to take in the information.

·       In addition to the resume, make sure any other documents are ready to go. One of the most important is the cover letter. This gives you a chance to share more about yourself beyond what fits on a resume.

Next steps?

You have all the tips and examples you need to move forward, but could you use a little bit of additional help? Not everyone is ready to build a resume on their own and you might wish you had someone to assist you a bit. At CVMaker, you can make use of our Resume Writing Service to ensure your resume is the best it can be. Work with an expert who has created thousands of resumes for people just like you.


How can I write a production assistant resume with no experience?

Writing a production assistant resume with no experience isn’t much more challenging than writing any other resume. Focus on the skills you have, the education you have acquired, and other things that make you a good choice for the position. You have to start somewhere but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a great resume.

Your entry-level production assistant resume can include past employment if you have it. Just make sure to tie it into the position you want. Internships and volunteer experiences can also be used here. If you have no experience, highlight other parts of the resume to show you’d be worth taking a chance on.

What should a production assistant put on a resume?

A look at production assistant resume samples will give you a good idea of which sections are best to include. While examples vary, the most important information to include is contact information, a resume objective, skills, education, and work experience. However, you can add other items that fit well.

For instance, you might want to list the languages you speak, the certifications you hold, projects you’ve worked on, and other things that don’t fit cleanly somewhere else. Just make sure it’s relevant and doesn’t cause your production assistant resume to be overly long.

What skills should I put on my resume as a production assistant?

When choosing production assistant skills for a resume, a combination of soft skills and hard skills is the best way to move forward. For instance, you might include time management and attention to detail as soft skills alongside Adobe Premiere Pro and Google Drive Suite as hard skills. However, everyone’s section will use different skills.

This isn’t only because everyone is adept at different things, although that’s true. Every job is equally unique and requires people who can handle different tasks. Take time to read the full job description and include skills that fit it. This shows attention to detail and makes it more likely you get an interview.

How should I format my production assistant resume?

Having the right production assistant resume format is just as important as having a document that shows your production experience. Keep in mind that formatting is the last step you take after writing the resume and following an appropriate structure. You should also be aware that there is no one way to format a resume.

There are several things to consider when deciding on a format.  Think about what content you want to include, the font faces and sizes you use, and how much spacing to include between sections. If you can remove some white space and make the resume fit onto one page, that’s often a good option.

How long are production assistant resumes?

When you want to get the attention of a production company, it’s important that your resume is the appropriate length. Even if you have a wide variety of skills and achievements, going too short or too long may mean your resume is never read in full. This is precisely what you want to avoid.

The average production assistant's resume is going to be either one or two pages long. If you have a lot of experience, consider going for two. Otherwise, one page will often do the job. Make sure all the information contained in the document is relevant, which may make extra space for important details.

Which layout is best for a production assistant resume?

Regardless of the structure you choose for your production assistant resume, it needs to be simple to read. As you choose a resume layout, be sure everything is formatted in a way that makes sense. For instance, your work experience and education should be listed under the resume objective.

Your first consideration when choosing a layout is whether you want to go with a two-column resume or something simple with all the words in the center of the page. Both can work but one might look better depending on what and how much you want to share with a potential employer.

You’ve had your questions answered and been given a set of tips to craft a great resume. You still need to consider the aesthetics of the document before you send in a job application. The quickest and easiest way to get a design that wows others is by using production assistant resume templates. You can view the ones at CVMaker and apply them in a matter of minutes.

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