Product Marketing Manager Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

Crafting an amazing product marketing manager resume is a means to share your experience and skills so you end up in an interview room. Perhaps you’ve been searching high and low for the right opportunity and just found it. You want to make sure you create a great impression so you have a chance to get the position. If your product marketing resume isn’t top-notch, you could be in trouble.

This guide is provided to give you the best chance of moving forward. While resumes are short professional documents that are often one to two pages long, they can have an unbelievable impact on your employment future. Having the right format, sharing relevant information, and answering the hiring manager’s questions are all requirements of this humble document.

Maybe you’ve written dozens of resumes in the past. Perhaps this is the first time you’ve crafted a marketing product manager resume. In either situation, we can help you succeed and get the job you desire. We’ll share a variety of tips and examples that help you move through the process.

Our guide will talk about what to avoid (and what to include) as you build a senior product marketing manager resume. Keep reading to learn more. By the time you’re done, we’re sure you’ll have a resume that you can be proud of as you move forward.

Product marketing manager resume writing guide: Where to start?

You have a product marketing manager position that you want to apply for. Maybe it has great pay, outstanding benefits, and even an excellent work-life balance. The only way you’re going to end up landing that position is by having an out-of-this-world product marketing manager resume. There are two phases to this process, which we’ll explain below.

Master resume for product marketing manager

Before you start crafting a document like the ones you see when you search for product marketing manager resume examples, there’s one other step. You need to make sure you have a master resume. This is a document that retains information about your skills, training, education, certifications, experience, and other items related to employment. You should compile all of this information to use as needed moving forward.

The benefit of a master resume is that all your information for job applications and resumes is located in one spot. Even items unrelated to a certain position (or outdated data) can be saved in case you need them. You might wonder why you need this kind of document if you remember all this information. The truth is, memories can be lost, and having everything on a sheet of paper makes it easy to transfer items to your job-specific resume.

With a master resume, you can remember what positions you held, what you did in each role, what classes you took, and more. All of these things are ready for you to move to the final resume you’ll be sending to a potential employer. If you do not yet have a master resume, consider making one now. It can be on paper or a digital document. It’s your choice. Either way, you’ll be that much closer to a great job.

Job-specific resume for product marketing manager

The second phase of creating a resume involves taking all that information from a master resume and applying it to a job-specific resume. This is the document that will be sent to hiring managers. To get an idea of what you’re going for, consider searching Google for a sample resume for a product marketing manager. This resume will be fully customized for a position and includes a selection of product marketing manager resume keywords.

It stands to reason that it takes a bit of time to build a master resume and then a job-specific resume, but the process is worth it. A well-written resume that is tailored to a specific position shows that you understand the job and would be a good fit for the position. As you build this final resume, keep in mind that it should only be one to two pages long.

Are you unsure about what kind of information to include on a customized resume? That’s okay. All you need to do is engage in a bit of research. Look at the company website and social media for things related to its values, culture, clients, and environment. This will give you insight into what to include in the resume. It will also prepare you for the job interview you may be called for in the future.

Product marketing manager resume example

Product Marketing Manager Resume Example

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If you’re looking to create the best product marketing manager resume, the example above will help guide you. In this case, Natalia has an aesthetically pleasing resume that contains all the required information for this sort of job. The sidebar holds her contact information, while the main body of the resume offers an objective, work experience, education, and skills. You can use this example as a guide for your own resume to make sure everything fits together and looks great when a recruiter takes a look at the document.

What to include in a product marketing manager resume? Writing tips and examples

When you take a look at several product marketing manager resumes, you’ll notice they tend to include the same sections. Contact information, a resume objective, skills, education, and experience are all mandatory parts of this professional document. However, some sections are optional, and which you add will depend on your specific situation. Below is information about some of the most crucial sections and how to make them shine.

How to write a resume objective on a product marketing manager resume?

One of the key pieces of this document is the resume objective or resume summary. This is a small paragraph of information that sits at the top of most resumes. You can take a look at product marketing manager resume summary examples to get an idea of how to craft this section for your resume. The idea behind this section is to show off your biggest accomplishments and achievements.

However, there is more to this section than simply writing a few sentences and moving on. First, it should be no more than four sentences long. You’ll see in the example we listed earlier using all four sentences can be a great way to indicate what you’re good at. However, it isn’t required. This section can be as short as two sentences if that works for your needs.

As you add your achievements, make sure you use powerful terms and numbers to describe them. This makes them stand out and feel more impressive to the hiring manager who will be reading the document. In addition, you can also include details about your experience and what you hope to do in the future in this section. Just make sure it’s relevant.

An example from the resume on this guide reads “Product marketing manager with expertise in leading cross-functional teams to construct, develop, launch, and manage SaaS innovators. Offering Agile/Scrum experience, analytical abilities, and marketing orientation to innovate product strategy. Capable of managing and prioritizing several projects while adhering to financial constraints and deadlines. Experience implementing strategic marketing, evaluating product performance, and creating brand strategy.”

Tips to include work experience on a product marketing manager resume

Next, we want to talk about adding work experience to a resume for a product marketing manager. This is just as important as the resume objective so you want to be sure you get it right. You’ll largely be using this section to talk about what duties you had, how you applied knowledge, and what you achieved and learned at various companies in the past.

One thing to be aware of is that you do not have to include every single experience from your past. You should always focus on relevancy when you build a resume. If the position has no connection to the one you want now, it’s okay to leave it off. Instead, you can share why there are gaps when you get to an interview. However, if the job has any connection to the one you want, make sure it’s included

When you look at product marketing resume examples, you’ll see that work experience is the largest section included. Because of this, it needs to offer good information while being set up so it looks great when someone takes a few moments to scan the document. There are two parts to this but both are easy to do.

First, a header should be at the top of each job you list. This is where you list the company, dates you worked there, location, and what your role was when you were employed. The second part of the process is writing down duties and achievements underneath the header. You can use bullet points to keep things clean and easy to read.

Skills to list on a product marketing manager resume

Product marketing skills should be used throughout the resume in areas like the resume objective and work experience. However, it’s also important to have a distinct section for product marketing manager skills. A manager needs to know what you can do to decide whether to contact you about an interview.

Adding product marketing manager skills to a resume lets you highlight the things that you are the best at. However, there’s a trick to this. You don’t want to just choose a few skills and post them to the resume without any additional thoughts. Look at the job description and see what skills are prioritized. The ones you possess should be listed on your resume.

Not sure what kind of skills are best in this situation? Take a look at a few examples below. Be sure to edit these as needed based on your abilities and the job description.

Soft skills

·       Adaptability

·       Attention to detail

·       Communication

·       Interpersonal skills

·       Leadership

·       Problem-solving

Hard skills

·       Data analytics and analysis

·       Project management

·       Research

·       SEM and SEO

·       Social media marketing

·       Writing

Now that you know how to craft the essential sections of a product marketing manager resume, all that’s left is designing the document. You do not have to do this all on your own. Instead, take a look at our resume templates. They come in a variety of designs and layouts so you can be sure your resume looks amazing.

Key takeaways

If you’ve read this far, you have all the examples, tips, and samples that you need to build an outstanding product marketing manager resume. Follow the guide and use our examples to make sure your resume makes a splash when it hits the desk of a hiring manager. Before you turn it in, check out the extra tips below and you will be ready to move forward.

Product marketing manager resume tips:

·       Read over your resume while keeping an eye out for errors like typos. Having mistakes in the resume can make it less likely you get a call. Errors in contact information could even make it impossible for managers to reach you.

·       Make certain that the entire resume is composed of professional language. Even if the company seems more casual, your resume should not be. However, be sure it is easy to read without a lot of jargon.

·       Only include information that you can prove and that is accurate. Once you make it to an interview, you want to be capable of proving everything you added to the resume.

·       Consider reading the resume out loud before you send in the job application. This will give you insight into how it flows and whether you need to make any additional changes before you send in your application.

·       Use a tool such as Grammarly to catch any final errors. A lack of mistakes throughout the resume will look good to the hiring manager. It could give you the edge over a candidate who doesn’t engage in this practice.

Next steps?

Are you struggling to word things correctly and add only relevant experience? You don’t have to build your resume all by yourself. Instead, consider making use of our Resume Writing Services to save yourself time and avoid stress. An expert resume creator will build a document that you can be sure makes the right impression on a hiring manager.


How long should a product marketing manager resume be?

What does a good product marketing manager resume look like? It’s going to have a crisp design, offer lots of useful information, and be the proper length. If you’re not sure how long it should be, most people will want to keep it to a single page. This is appropriate unless you have over a decade of relevant experience.

On the other hand, you can go with a two-page resume if you have additional experience or special information to share. However, no resume should be longer than two pages long. The longer it is, the less likely a hiring manager will read the entire document.

What are product marketing manager resume keywords?

Keywords are essential for an associated product marketing manager resume. These are terms and phrases that you pull from the job description. You can take skills and requirements and weave them into your resume to make sure it stands out and shows you’re a great candidate for the job.

Every position is different and managers will want to see unique things. Customizing your resume to fit a job description gives you the best chance of moving forward. Taking time to pluck out keywords and add them to your resume gives you a better shot at getting the job.

What is a product marketing manager resume summary?

If you take a look at a resume for a junior product manager in marketing, you’ll notice it likely includes a resume summary. This is a section at the top where you sell yourself and what you are capable of. Most managers look at this section first to get an idea of how you describe your achievements.

While work experience, education, and skills are all important to show you can handle a job, you still need a resume summary or objective. It’s a short blurb that lets someone get the gist of what the rest of the resume will say. Since it’s short at four sentences maximum, it’s essential to think through what you include.

How should a product marketing manager resume be structured?

Most product marketing manager resumes will have largely the same sections included. Some of them are going to be mandatory while others can be added as needed. Below are the sections that should be included on all resumes:

·       Contact information

·       A resume objective

·       Work experience

·       Education

·       Skills

Beyond that, there are many other sections you can include as needed. This gives you the ability to decide what is the most pertinent for others to be aware of. This may change from one application to the next. A few sections you might wish to include are:

·       Technical proficiencies

·       Accomplishments

·       References

·       Courses and certifications

·       Languages

·       Unrelated experience

·       Hobbies and interests

What is a good resume objective for a product marketing manager resume?

It depends on the specific position you hope to get. For instance, one job might do better with a marketing-related objective while a focus on leadership abilities could be better for the next. You should read over the job description to get a feel for what works best for one position compared to the next.

No matter what information you share, this section should be no more than four sentences long. It should include what you’ve done in the past (achievements), what you are capable of now, and even what you hope to do in the future. It’s often best to write this section last after the rest of the product marketing manager resume is already complete.

Which layout should be used for a product marketing manager resume?

When you’re building a product marketing manager resume, it needs to be effortless to read and understand. That’s the main thing to focus on as you choose a layout that works for you. All sections should be crafted carefully with relevant information. You should also use a traditional format, such as placing the skills under education and experience.

Depending on preference and amount of information, you can choose to do a one- or two-column layout for the resume. With a two-column layout, you have room for additional information on the sidebar. This can be a great choice when you want to include additional bits of information for a hiring manager.

What writing style is ideal for a product marketing manager resume?

The main thing to worry about in terms of writing style is being professional. A product marketing manager resume is a professional document and you should make sure your writing style matches that. Avoid being overly casual or using slang when you write your resume. Following this rule shows that you understand the importance of the document.

Clear language is the best for use on a resume. You should incorporate strong action verbs and avoid anything that might be unclear as you write. Add keywords from the company website and job position to make your resume even better.

How should I format my product marketing manager resume?

Assuming you have a clear writing style applied and have structured the resume to look great to a hiring manager, the format is all you need to worry about now. There isn’t a single way to format a product marketing manager resume so some of this will come down to your taste.

Everything from font size, face, and color to type of content and spacing should be perfected before you send in your resume with a job application. Keep in mind that your resume should not be longer than two pages. If you can format it so it fits on a single page, that’s even better.

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