Music Producer Resume: Example, Template & Writing Guide [2024]

If you’re here, you’re likely curious about how to make a music producer resume that gets you an amazing and high-paying job. This is a great question, since having an excellent resume is the perfect way to get involved with great music projects under prospective employers in your area. And don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience making resumes because we are here to help.

Whether you’ve mostly worked on personal music projects or have tons of experience with session musicians, the right resume can make an impact. It could be the final piece of the puzzle that takes you to the next level when you apply for music production jobs. All you need is some talent to show that you are the right person to bring on for the position you want.

When writing a music production resume, you want to show your skills and highlight your experience. A resume is the tool that lets you do this. Exploring the resume writing process is a great way to make sure you’re noticed for all the amazing things you can do. This guide is just one resource that can help you get where you want to be.

Throughout this guide, we’ll offer everything from tips and tricks to example resumes that you can use to build your own. We’ll explain the best strategy to create a resume, how to ensure your wording stands out, and what the best things are to share with a hiring manager. We’ll also go through the details of how to craft some of the most important parts of your music producer resume.

Music production resume writing guide: Where to start?

You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder, “How to list music producer on a resume?” We’re here to assure you that the process is easier than you might think. At CVMaker, we recommend that you follow two steps before turning in a resume you can be proud of. The first step is to create a master resume and the second is to turn this into a job-specific resume. We’ll share all the information you need to move forward and craft a great resume.

Master resume for Music Producer

Have you headed to Google searching for a resume for a music producer? If so, you have a basic idea of what the final document might look like. The master resume is not this type of document. It’s a version of the resume that is for your eyes only. We recommend you use it as a way to save information about your experience, skills, education, and other tidbits that might be useful on resumes you turn in with job applications.

Your final music artist resume needs to be well-formatted and stylish so it gets noticed. The master resume has no such requirements. You can add information however you like as long as you can access it down the line. If you already have a master resume, you’re ahead of the game. Make sure it’s updated and you can move to the next section.

Music producers often work on a lot of projects and it can be challenging to remember them all years down the line. Your master resume ensures that you don’t run into this issue. Jot down important tasks, projects, and achievements and you can easily peruse the resume later so nothing is forgotten. It’s a great way to avoid forgetting something that might be important in the future.

You can create a master resume on your computer, in a notebook, or in whatever other way is most comfortable for you. The important thing is that you stick with it and take the time to update it from time to time. Once you have a master resume, creating job-specific resumes for your applications will be a cinch.

Job-specific resume for a Music Producer

Now we can get into the nitty gritty of a job-specific resume. This is what is going to be similar to any music producer resume example you see in this guide or on Google. It’s going to be well-crafted with a nice aesthetic and a structure that moves from one section to the next. If you have a master resume, this will be easier than you might expect.

We recommend that you always create a new resume for each job. Yes, it will take a bit of time, but it ensures you put out a great document tailored to the position you want. This process involves looking at the job description for keywords and incorporating them into your document. For instance, if you have skills mentioned in the job description, those should be included in your resume.

However, a job-specific resume is about more than keywords. The length and format are also important to consider. The resume should be easy to read for a potential employer and show that you’re capable of excellent communication. You don’t want it to be longer than one to two pages, or it will be a challenge for someone to read it in its entirety.

If you aren’t sure how to customize the resume, go back to the job description. You can pull things from the skills and list of duties that relate to your own experiences. In addition, you can look at the company’s website and social media to get a better idea of what the hiring manager might want to see from you.

Music producer resume sample

Music Producer Resume Example

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Now that you have the basic information about how to create a producer or music artist resume, take a look at the example above to see how it all comes together. You’ll notice that it starts with contact information and then moves into a short blurb for the resume objective. The applicant has useful information about their experience, education, and skills. It also offers a short section for references.

What to include in a Music Producer resume? Writing tips and examples

What you add to a resume depends on the job you choose. For example, a resume for a music festival producer's scope of responsibilities will be different from one for someone who works in a studio. Below, we’ll share some tips for three of the most important sections of any music producer resume.

How to write a resume objective on a Music Producer resume

As you can see on the music producer resume sample we shared earlier, the resume objective is an essential part of things. The objective on resume examples for a music producer is a short paragraph toward the top of the document. This section is used to hype yourself up and show just how much you are capable of.

In the span of one to four sentences, the resume objective gives a short description of who you are and what you can do. It’s a great place to list some keywords from the resume as you explain what your top accomplishments are. Everything from skills to education can be included as long as what you write is relevant to the position.

Placing relevant keywords in your application from the start keeps the hiring manager or recruiter engaged and tells them you read the job requirements while taking extra time to make yourself stand out from other candidates.

The challenge with the resume objective is how short it is. Having a maximum of four sentences to fill with all the best things about yourself can be a little tough. That’s why many people wait to write this section last. You’ll already have a lot of the essential bits included and can craft an awe-inspiring objective.

Use action verbs and numbers with your achievements whenever possible. It makes them seem more realistic and gives an idea of what you’ve done in the past. In addition to sharing your accomplishments, you can also talk about your education and experience if you have the space to do so.

The best skills to list on a Music Producer resume

When you look at music producer resume examples, you’ll see that nearly all of them list skills. Music producer skills can vary from interpersonal skills to communication skills. You’ll find both soft skills and hard skills have a place on your document. A professional resume isn’t just about education level and experience. Skills show the extent of what you can do in a position.

You want to be sure you customize this per position. However, we’ve created a long list of some of the most common additions to the skill section for music producers below:

How to include work experience on a Music Producer resume

Finally, we want to talk about how to include professional experience in a music producer resume. This is more than simply listing your job title, where you worked, and when you were an employee. It’s another section that you can use to show your skills and share some of the projects that you are most proud of.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t include the basics. That’s also needed. The header for each position can have all of that information. Everything else can be placed underneath it in a neatly ordered list. This is where you can talk about some of the successes you’ve had at each job and share what you do well.

Even those who may have limited experience should fill this section, if possible. Things like internships and volunteer experiences can work. It shows that you have done work in the past and can tie even unique experiences into a new position. For those who have more experience, focus on the most relevant of those things.

You may have been told that it’s not okay to have gaps in your resume but that isn’t strictly true. Focusing on relevance is important and can get you into an interview. Once you’re there, you simply need to be able to explain the gaps and why they exist.

Ready to put everything together and make sure it looks great? Consider using one of our many resume templates. You can select the one you like most, add in your information, choose the colors you want to use, and you’ll have a beautiful resume to turn in with your new job application. Find the perfect music industry resume template today.

Key takeaways on music production resumes

You have all the information you need to craft an excellent music producer description resume. All you have to do is put in the work. Check out our final tips below to ensure your resume makes a good impression when it hits a manager’s desk. Good luck!

Tips for Music Producer resume:

Before you send off your resume to your chosen music production company, take a look at the tips below:

· Look over the resume from top to bottom focusing on the flow. If there are any issues, make changes to ensure your resume looks its best when someone else views it.

· Make sure you’ve chosen colors and fonts for your resume that come together to create an impeccable document. Use a template if you need assistance with the process.

· Read the resume again, but this time focus on misspellings, typos, and other errors. Use a tool like Grammarly to ensure you catch all the issues and take care of them before moving forward.

· Make sure that the resume isn’t overly casual and does not make use of a lot of slang or jargon. Use professional language and be clear with your words.

· Watch for good spacing, organization, and an appealing aesthetic to make sure everything offers a good impression. It could lead to an interview.

· Read your resume one more time but do it aloud. If something sounds a little off, take time to reword it. At this point, you can polish up your cover letter and send in your application.

Next steps?

Are you looking for a bit of help with the wording for your resume? Maybe you want someone to ensure there are no inconsistencies present. At CVMaker, we offer professional Resume Writing Services and can help with all these things and more. Get in touch with us today for the best resume for your next music production job.


What does a Music Producer resume look like?

The average freelance music producer resume can vary in terms of style and information. However, as you might expect, it is largely going to focus on your music production skills and experience. These things should be front and center as you put together this important professional document.

As long as your resume looks nice and has the relevant information, you’ve done your job. Make sure you avoid typos and read it over to be certain it has the tone you want. Remember that this is a professional document and should be treated that way.

Should my Music Producer resume be a PDF file?

We recommend that your executive music producer sample resume (and the final product) be saved as a PDF file. However, this is done for a reason. One of the perks of a PDF is that it is going to look exactly the same on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, a personal computer, or a tablet.

Creating a PDF gives you total control over the look and feel of your resume. You have the final say about whether it looks tight and put together or sloppy. While the text on the resume is important, the final look of it will also have an impression. PDF gives you the best chance to show you’re a great candidate for the job.

What should be included in a Music Producer resume?

If you search for resume examples for a music producer, you’ll get an idea of what kind of information to share. The main thing you want to do is make sure everything you include is relevant. Think about the job description and what they want to see from a candidate. Those are the things you want on your music producer resume.

The right information is important, but so is having a nice structure and design. If the resume is challenging to read, some managers won’t bother to try to get through it. Use no more than two fonts and two colors to avoid overwhelming the person the resume is sent to.

What skills are required to be a Music Producer?

Curious about what to choose for music producer skills on a resume? The most important thing is to be sure that all entries are relevant skills. If the job requires several technical skills or organizational skills, prioritize those. All skills should fit the position to have the best chances of getting an interview.

While these skills can vary by job, there are some that are often a good choice. Think about things like sound design, music theory, sound editing, mixing mastering, ear training, communication, and negotiation to give you a good start.

How should you write job descriptions for a Music Producer resume?

One of the most crucial parts of a DJ music producer resume is the work experience section. In most cases, you want to use a reverse-chronological order. This means that your most recent job is on top before going back in time for the second one. It’s the easiest to understand and what most hiring managers expect.

In the description itself, you want to create a heading. This will have where you worked, when you worked there, what location you worked at, and what your position was. Underneath you can include information about accomplishments and duties that were expected of you in the position. Focus on relevant information for the new job you want.

What are five things that should be included on a Music Producer resume?

The resume for an entry-level music producer should contain at least five sections. You want to include a section with your contact information, a resume objective, education, experience, and skills. These are the expected sections that a recruiter will be looking for.

However, the way you place these on your resume can vary. For instance, someone with lots of experience will want information about their work to be toward the top of the page. If you have less experience, you may want to fill that space with your skills or information about your education.

What structure is best for a Music Producer resume?

When it comes to the structure of your resume, you want to begin with your contact information. Education, skills, and work experience will go underneath. You can use a music producer resume template to get an idea of the best structure.

On top of that, you can add other information that is relevant to the position.

How long is a resume for a Music Producer?

The typical music producer bio template is one page long but that doesn’t mean you have to restrain yourself to that extent. However, most resumes for people in the industry are no more than two pages long. Going longer means the music production team may not make it through everything you write.

If you have enough relevant information for two pages, that’s fine. Otherwise, it’s fine to go for one single page. Make sure you have all the information that a hiring manager needs but don’t go into things unrelated to the position you are applying for. Adding superfluous details can make it seem as if you don’t understand the job you’re applying to.

Are all your questions answered? It’s time to build your own music producer resume and CVMaker is here to assist. You can search for the perfect resume music producer template to show off your skills and experience in a visually appealing way. Check out the options and update your resume so it shines.

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