Model Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

As one of a team of runway models, you know how to make jaws drop as you show off clothing and accessories to an audience. However, as one of many job seekers who want to model, you have to show that you offer something special that other applicants do not. The best way you can do that is by having a model resume that is eye-catching and informative so anyone wants to read it from top to bottom.

Whether you’re applying for a single modeling job or want a top modeling agency to back you as you become a star, your resume matters. Having a portfolio of great photos is also useful, but if your resume doesn’t turn heads, nobody may end up clicking the link to see how you look in different environments.

You might believe your photos should do the job for you, but think about that. Less than 5,000 people in the world are fashion models who make their living from it. Hundreds of thousands want to be in that lucky number. Your modeling resume has to be capable of pulling attention or you have very little chance to move forward.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. It just means that you need to know the ins and outs of the perfect modeling resume. This guide is here to help you be one of the few aspiring models who make it to the big runways where money and fame can be found. Use the tips and examples below to craft a resume that truly stands out. We’ll start by sharing the two major steps to crafting a model resume.

Model resume writing guide: Where to start?

As you look at job postings and imagine your big break, remember that it’s up to you to prove you’re more than just another pretty (or handsome) face. Your model resume can start a relationship with an agency or client that lets you move forward. Because your resume matters so much, we want to share a two-part system to use. First, you build a master resume, and then you turn that into job-specific resumes as you need them.

Master modeling resume

Whether you have modeling experience in the fashion industry or not, a master resume is where you start crafting your document. So pull out a notebook or fire up a Word document and get ready to put your career information down on the page. The purpose of a master resume is to hold all your education, experience, skills, and other information that might go on resumes in the future.

So use this document to list all the jobs you’ve held, what you did at them, and any achievements you had. This is a great way to keep track of modeling clients and projects you were a part of. After all, as time passes, it can be more challenging to remember everything you’ve ever done. The master resume makes that easier for any job you apply for.

While you’re applying for modeling jobs right now, don’t remove items just because they aren’t related to this position. You could end up moving careers or wanting to delve into something as a part-time gig and this information could still be useful. Unlike the job-specific resume, this document is for your eyes only so save everything since it could be utilized down the road.

Only the information really matters with a master resume. There’s no need to stress about style or design. As long as you can easily read and move the information when needed, you’ve handled the process. After you have a well-researched master resume to use, you can move forward with a resume for the specific modeling position you hope to gain.

Job-specific fashion model resume

Unlike the master resume, the job-specific resume is going to be for one position. It’s customized to offer all the information the potential employer wants to see. Having a master resume makes this easier since you can peruse what you’ve done in the past and move things from that resume to this one when it seems relevant to the position.

As far as model resume format goes, reverse-chronological is the best bet for most people. This means that for education and experience, you want to start with your most recent entry and then go backward. Otherwise, formatting and design are up to you. However, make sure everything looks professional in the end.

Another resource you should use for your job-specific resume is the job advertisement that made you aware of the position. This is going to have important details about the position and you should use these in your resume. Pull out keywords as needed and add them to the resume sections we talk about later on in this guide.

Remember that everything should be customized on a job-specific resume. Don’t add anything that isn’t relevant to the position. Pay attention to what the employer is looking for and make sure you show how you fit that. This is what will give you a better chance of getting an interview.

Fashion model resume sample

Model Resume Example

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Create your professional resume now

Sample modeling resumes are a good way to get an idea of what your own resume should look like. You can see one of our sample model resumes above. It has lots of information about the applicant, such as their skills, education, experience, and interests. It also has a well-crafted resume objective to start things off.

How to make a modeling resume? Writing tips and examples

There are many sections needed in a great model resume. Below, we’re going to share some of the most important information about some of the most important parts of the document. We’ll give you tips and guide you through the writing process so you can build a resume you’re proud of. Let’s start off easy with the contact information.

What to include in the contact information for a model resume

All resumes need to include an email address and phone number in the contact information. This is where you tell the employer who you are and give them a method to get in contact with you so your name and location should also be included. However, there is another bit of information that does well on a resume for a professional model.

Every model should have an online portfolio where they can show off their skills and appearance. If you don’t yet have one, this is something you should consider. You can include a link to your portfolio on your contact information so it’s easy to find and access.

How to write a resume objective on a model resume

A resume objective is another section of the resume that needs to be customized and unique for each position. You can take a look at a fashion model biography example to get an idea of what you are going for here. The basic idea is to write up to four sentences about your accomplishments, achievements, and skills.

One of the best things you can do is to be brief since you have limited space. Incorporating numbers and strong action verbs will beef up the section and make your information more interesting to the person who is reading it. Those with less experience can focus on education and skills rather than past employment experiences.

Skills to list on a fashion modeling resume

Modeling skills on a resume are another important section. While you create this section, make sure you include soft skills like interpersonal skills as well as hard skills which are things you learn and put into practice as a model. For instance, you might list physical fitness and runway modeling as well as client relationships and customer service.

This is another section that should be customized. Think about what the job description says and use that to decide which of your skills should be highlighted. In most cases, a list of five to 10 skills is considered enough for this section. You don’t want to take up too much space. Other skills can be woven into the objective and experience sections.

How to write work experience on a model resume

The last section we’ll be talking about is work experience. Here is where you show any relevant experience you have with modeling agencies or other types of jobs that are similar to the one you want. We recommend using a reverse-chronological resume format where you post your most recent job first and then go backward.

Even if you are making a modeling resume with no experience, you should list whatever you have available. For positions that don’t relate to modeling, you likely did some things that you’d also do in the new job. Focus on those things as much as possible. You can also add internships and volunteer opportunities you took advantage of.

For each job, make sure you list who it was with, what your role was, and when you worked there. Underneath you can add additional information about tasks and achievements associated with each position. A bullet list is a great way to format this so it’s easy to read and understand.

Are you looking for a model resume template that ensures eyes catch your document? At CVMaker, we provide a wide variety of model resume templates that you can use to craft the perfect document. Take a look at your options, choose the one you like, and make sure your resume shines.

Key takeaways on building resumes for models

The perfect model resume is going to show that you have experience, education, and skills that make you a good choice for the runway or pages of a magazine. Add a touch of pizazz using model resume templates to pull everything together. Now that you know how to craft the most important sections, you can finish up and be ready to get that job that you’re hoping for. Good luck!

Extra tips for model resumes:

You’ve got most of the information you need at this point, but we do want to share a few extra tips. Have a promo model resume sample and the job description at the ready as you finish up your document and work toward becoming a model seen on TV, runways, online sites, and more.

·       Remember that a great model resume has all the important information and it’s compiled in a stylish way. Both should be priorities.

·       After the resume is written, make sure you read it a few times. Look for the flow, consider any typos and misspellings you need to edit, and make sure it’s the best it can be.

·       Check out your list of skills and make sure both hard and soft skills are included. Each type of skill is important as a model and can make a great impression on hiring managers.

·       All resumes need to be professional in look and what information is shared. Check for anything that might be too casual or technical and work on that.

·       Read your resume aloud once you think it’s as good as it can get. This is a good way to check for anything you’ve missed and make final edits.

·       A cover letter is also needed when you submit a modeling resume. Now is the time to write that document before you submit the application.

 Next steps?

You can use our Resume Builder to easily write your resume and add a beautiful template to it. But what if you want to be sure every word on the page gets you closer to a job? If you aren’t sure that you can craft the right words, CVMaker offers Resume Writing Services that can help you land the job you want. Reach out to us to get started.


What should be on a model resume for beginners?

As a beginner model, a modeling portfolio template will go a long way toward helping you land a job. You’re an aspiring model and you need to show you have the skills needed to succeed. The first step in that process is having good photos of yourself that you can share. Your resume should include all the education and experience you do have.

Visiting photographers to practice modeling is a great way to start in the business, but be cautious as some people putting out ads may not be professional. Having an escort is a good idea. Otherwise, get as many photos done as you can and work on skills that will lead to a great job and your first real foray into commercial modeling.

How do you write a resume for a model?

Your professional resume should be written using your master resume and the information you have from the job description. Start by placing your contact information and deciding how you want to share your photographs. From there, you want to add in a resume objective, work, experience, education, and skills.

Beyond the actual written words you put down, think about the look and style of the resume as a whole. Fashion models are generally considered stylish and your resume should show some of that. Resume templates can help you streamline the document while highlighting experience with bold and trendy colors.

What skills do models need?

When you are crafting a resume for models, it’s essential to include a list of skills. In most cases, this is going to be around five to 10 skills. It should include both soft skills and hard skills to give the employer a better insight into who you are and what you are capable of.

Everyone is going to have a different list of skills and yours will not be the same as other applicants. However, there are some skills that are more common than others. A few of these include discipline, listening skills, persistence, style, courtesy, organizational skills, adaptability, and the ability to work under pressure.

Should a model resume have a section about education?

Yes, even the most experienced fashion model should have an education section in their resume. This is where you show that you have your high school diploma or share information about your college degree. While there is not often an educational requirement for modeling, showing you got your diploma or degree is a plus.

In addition to sharing where you went to school, you can also add in any extracurriculars or honors that you want to share. This is especially useful if you have limited experience to share. You can go into detail about your skills and abilities to have the chance at landing a great gig.

How do I highlight awards on a modeling resume?

Having awards in the modeling industry can make you stand out, so adding them to your resume is a great idea. There are different ways to disclose these items, such as in the resume objective or with your work experience if the award was related to a certain employment experience.

Another option is to create a short section for your awards. You can place this toward the bottom of your resume. Make a list of your awards, the date you received them, and any other important information about these awards.

Should you include a photo in your model resume?

As a model, potential clients are going to want to know what you look like. There are a few methods to accommodate that with your resume. The first is to include a headshot on the resume itself. The second is to list your hair color, eye color, height, and other information.

However, you can also simply link to your modeling portfolio. This gives potential employers a look at more than just a single photo. They can get a real look at you and decide whether you fit their unique needs. We recommend going this route if you have a portfolio available to be shared.

How long should my model resume be?

You may notice that when you look up a modeling resume example, the majority are no more than a single page long. However, that doesn’t mean that yours has to be that short. Model resumes can be as long as two pages depending on the information you want to share with an agency or other potential employer.

For those with limited experience, one page might be more than enough. However, if you’ve had a lot of experience, going with two pages is fine if all the information is relevant. Adding additional sections to your model resume can also make it span two pages. This is fine if everything you’re sharing needs to be there. If not, going shorter is reasonable.

Does writing style and layout matter for a model resume?

Every part of your model CV needs to look professional across the board. When it comes to writing style, that means leaving out jargon and slang. It’s best to be formal with a model resume since that’s what a modeling agency or client will expect. Your chosen layout should make it easy to read your resume and understand what you are skilled at.

Make sure your resume looks formal before you turn it in, even if you are applying to a company that might market itself as hip and modern. All the sections of the resume should be formatted so your biography or objective is at the top and followed by experience, education, and skills. You can choose a single-column resume or go with a two-column version.

With insight into how to create a model resume that anyone will want to read from top to bottom, there’s only one step left. What is it? Finding the perfect modeling resume template to show off your words in the best way. If you need one that fits your style, check out the ones available on CVMaker. We offer a wide selection of modeling resume templates to choose from.

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