Forklift Operator Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

Creating the right resume is similar to choosing a specific forklift with the needed capacity to move a load. Once you know the rules, it’s not a huge challenge to build an excellent forklift operator resume. If you have the license and skills, all you need to do is fill up a page with your qualifications. We’ll help you add the right information to impress.

As you use our guide, we’ll make sure your forklift driver resume is one of the best that hits a hiring manager’s desk. We’ll share a sample resume that you can use to make sure you’re on the right track. You’ll learn what achievements and skills to include and where they should go, as well as how to describe your experience to stand out.

Forklift operators are always in demand so you may find that a great position has opened up near you. Making a resume that stands above the competitors is the best way to move forward. Your skills, experience, education, and accomplishments are all part of that process. Compiling them in an aesthetically appealing resume is a must.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience making resumes, you can still turn in an impressive document that makes an impact. We’ll walk you through the process with tips and tricks that make it all a breeze. Keep reading to learn what to include on your resume, what a great modern resume looks like, and how to know you’re ready to turn in your resume. Let’s get started.

Forklift operator resume writing guide: Where to start?

Before you jump into the process of putting information on the page for your resume, it’s important to know the best two-prong approach to get started. Once you know what steps you’ll need to take moving forward, you can easily create a resume you’re proud of. It’s best to craft (or update) a master resume first and then tweak that into a job-specific resume. We’ll explain why and how to do so below.

Master resume for forklift operator

The master resume is the first document you should make. If you already have one, you’re a step ahead. However, make sure you’ve recently updated this document before you start to create a customized forklift operator resume. For those who haven’t built a master resume in the past, we’ll share what it is and how to make one below.

When you look at forklift resumes and samples online, they’re customized for a specific position. The master resume you need to build is the opposite of that. Your master resume is something you make for yourself. It holds information about your past employment experiences, education, skills, and any other details you might need on resumes throughout your career.

Since this is only for you to use, it doesn’t have to look pleasing or be formatted in a specific way. You can make a simple Word document to compile all your information. The main reason to create a master resume is to avoid forgetting something important. When it’s all in a single document, you can easily grab the information you need when you move on and make the job-specific resume.

Job-specific resume for forklift operator

The job-specific resume is the second half of the task when applying for a new position. You will want to have the forklift job description for the resume this time around. This is all a part of the research that goes into a fantastic resume. Employers add keywords that you can take out and include in your resume to make it the best it can be.

While you tailor this resume, research the company and the position. This will give you an idea of which keywords you should use. This will usually only take a few minutes and make a huge difference in how well-suited you seem for a specific role. Nowadays, the best way of getting a job is by customizing your resume so don’t count out the importance of doing so.

Research doesn’t have to take forever. Neither does creating the resume itself. Most resumes are going to span only one to two pages and a few moments with the job description will give you all the information you need. Since you already have a master resume, you can cut and paste information from that, tweak it, and move on.

If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about the company offering the position, now is the time to change that. Visit the company website and look at their values, clients, and work environment. This can give you important insight into what kind of things will work best in your resume.

Forklift operator resume example

Forklift Operator Resume Example

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Using the forklift operator job description for the resume, this applicant has put together a fantastic resume. It has a resume objective of the appropriate length that really gets into their skills and experiences. This is followed up by two relevant jobs and how their roles are similar to the one they are applying for. Contact information, skills, and education are also included.

What to include in a forklift operator resume? Writing tips and examples

The most important sections of a forklift operator resume are the contact information, resume objective, work experience, education, and skills. You might also add additional sections based on your background and knowledge. Below, we’ll share some details about how to make some of the most important sections so you’ll be closer to completing your resume and turning it in.

How to write a resume objective on a forklift operator resume

The resume objective on your document is one of the most important things you will write for the document. Managers will look at this first to get an idea of who you are and what you’ve done in the past. As such, you want to include as many skills and accomplishments as possible there. Don’t be afraid to hype yourself up for this.

At the same time, the resume objective has to be fairly short. It’s recommended that it be from two to four sentences long. Because of that, every word matters. This isn’t a place to go off on a tangent or talk about things unrelated to the position. Be concise, use powerful words, and include numbers to prove your achievements.

This is one of the sections where you should include keywords if possible. Choose words from the duty list for the position and show that you have experience with important parts of the position. Employers are hoping to find someone who can jump in and immediately have an impact to show that you are that individual.

In addition to listing skills and achievements, part of the resume objective can be used to talk about why you want this position. Or you can choose to write about what you hope to do in the future. Just make sure it’s relevant and has a bearing on the position you are applying for. This makes it more likely you get an interview.

Tips to add work experience to a forklift operator resume

The second place to use the job description for a forklift operator resume is the experience section. This is just as important as the resume objective and often the second section a manager chooses to look at. Whether you have lots of industry experience or not, it needs to be present. Volunteering experiences, internships, and similar items can also go here.

A reverse-chronological format is a typical choice for this section. You’ll want to list your current or most recent related job first and then move backward through time. This doesn’t mean you have to list every job you’ve ever had. If it doesn’t relate to the position you want, feel free to skip it. You will likely just need to explain any gaps if you end up in an interview.

For the first entry, make a heading where you list the location, company, when you worked there, and what your job role was. The area underneath is for adding in tasks you did and achievements you had at this position. This gives you a chance to add additional keywords and show off more of your skills.

If you have limited (or no) experience, you can choose to place your education, skills, or both before your work experience section. The idea is to highlight the things that paint you in the best light. Since most managers only look at a resume for a few seconds, make the most of that however you can.

Skills to list on a forklift operator resume

The last section we want to go over is all about what you are capable of doing. You want to make sure that your forklift skills on a resume are front and center. Anything you couldn’t fit into the resume objective but want to share can go here. However, you only want to list five to 10 skills so you need to think about what to include.

Take another look at the job description and see what the employer is looking for. Which of the listed skills are things you can do and have experience with? Those are the things you should prioritize on your forklift operator resume. However, be sure you are quite skilled at the things you choose to include since that will be an expectation.

We recommend having a combination of hard skills and soft skills to show how well-rounded you are. Below are several of each that you can base your own skills on. Just remember to change these based on what you’re good at and what the position requires from you.

Soft skills

·       Time management

·       Collaboration

·       Verbal communication

·       Teamwork

·       Organization

Hard skills

·       Inventory control

·       Safety awareness

·       Shipping and receiving

·       Warehousing

·       Scanning

Now that you have the information you need to handle the writing for your resume, it’s time to be sure it looks as good as it sounds. This is where one of CVMaker’s Resume Templates will help you out. We offer a wide assortment of options and you can choose the color scheme to make sure it fits your preferences.

Key takeaways

Now that you have examples and tips for crafting a great forklift operator resume, you can move forward with confidence. Making this document can be fairly easy when you have a guide, template, and the help of those who have made tons of resumes in the past. Follow the tips below to be sure your resume hits the mark. Good luck!

Final tips for forklift operator resume:

Beyond having forklift operator resume examples and tips for crafting your document, we have a few tips to tie everything together. Go over these once your resume is almost ready to make sure it’s perfect when you apply for the job you want.

·       Be sure you haven’t made any errors with your contact information. Typos should be avoided in general but a misspelling in this section could mean the manager can’t reach out to you. It’s worth double-checking to be sure your email address and phone number are correct.

·       Make sure your resume objective is the right length and highlights your top accomplishments. Add in skills and quantify your achievements whenever possible. This section of the resume is essential to get a manager interested in reading the rest of the resume.

·       Check your resume to make sure everything is worded professionally. Avoid slang and try to stay away from jargon to make the resume easy to read for anyone.

·       Throughout the resume, you’re weaving a story of who you are and what you can do. All of your sections should fit together to give an idea of why an employer should hire you over anyone else who applies for the position.

·       Before you turn in your forklift driver resume, consider using a tool like Grammarly to make sure there are no mistakes you have missed. It’s a great final step before you submit your application.

·       Attach your cover letter and resume (along with any other requested information) before you submit your application. At this point, you know your resume looks great and it’s time to show it off.

Next steps?

You’ve looked at resume examples for a forklift operator and now it’s time to make your own. Do you want the assistance of an expert to make sure it’s just right? This isn’t something you have to do on your own. CVMaker offers professional Resume Writing Services that you can utilize. Reach out to us today to learn more about our options and be sure your resume gets noticed when it hits the office.


What should I put on my resume for a forklift operator?

You’ll notice there are several sections you commonly see on forklift operator resume samples. Some of them should always be included and others can be added depending on what you want to share with the employer. The contact information, resume objective, work experience, education, and skills should generally all be part of a forklift operator resume.

The other sections you can choose from include references, interests and hobbies, certifications and courses, languages, technical proficiencies, and more. If it relates to the job and would be important for the hiring manager to see, you can include it as a section on your resume.

How to list forklift experience on a resume?

The most common way to list forklift experience is in reverse-chronological order. This essentially means that you list your most recent job and then move backward through the years. However, only list relevant experience. There’s no reason to include every job you’ve ever had.

When you’re listing a position, you’ll want to include the basic details at the top of the entry. This includes dates you worked there, where you worked, and what you did. Then the space underneath is a great place to add your job duties and any accomplishments you want to share.

What’s the purpose of a forklift operator resume job description?

One of our tips for crafting resumes is that you should always have access to the job description. It is going to have clues as to what items to add to your resume. For instance, if the description has a list of duties, make sure to include the ones you’ve done in the past under your work experience.

The same applies to other sections of your resume. Whenever you can insert keywords and show you’ve done the duties in the past, make sure to do so. This is a great way to stand out from the competition. Having the job description nearby lets you easily customize the document as needed.

What are the skills of a forklift operator?

Forklift operator skills can vary by position. This is one of the reasons we recommend you have the forklift job description for resume purposes. You can look over the description to get an idea of what skills you should list. Since you have limited space, prioritizing the right abilities is a big part of crafting a successful resume.

Not sure what to add? A few of the most common skills include stocking, packing, inventory control, and pallet jack operation. It can also be useful to include things like critical thinking, loading and unloading, and forklift maintenance if you have these types of skills.

How long should my forklift operator resume be?

The simple answer is that any forklift operator resume should be between one and two pages long. You’ll notice that many forklift operator resume examples are a single page. There’s a good reason for this. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry, a one-page resume is more likely to be read from top to bottom.

However, if you have additional information to share, don’t feel as if you can’t craft a two-page resume. This is a common choice, especially if you have at least a decade of experience. Just make sure you only go for the longer format if everything in the resume is relevant to the position you want.

What writing style is best for a forklift operator resume?

When it comes to writing style, the most important thing to remember is that you should be professional. This applies to forklift operator resumes as well as any other documents related to seeking employment. It doesn’t matter how casual the workplace is. Professionalism matters at this stage of the game.

The other part of this involves being sure all your language is clear. Add action verbs and numbers whenever possible to strengthen the document. You can also use keywords from the job description and company website to round things out and make yourself a great candidate to be hired.

How should a forklift operator resume be formatted?

Format is an important factor to think about when crafting a forklift operator resume. This is about more than including the right information. Think about the size of your margins, the line spacing, and even what font looks best on the page. Consider using a resume template to make the process simple.

In general, a one-inch margin with 1.0 or 1.15 line spacing tends to work well. Choose a professional font and divide the resume into sections. Make sure you have a blank space after you insert the heading. When everything is complete, save the resume as a PDF so the formatting shows up on any device.

Is there a specific layout to use for a forklift operator resume?

You might notice some similarities when you browse a few forklift resume examples. Layouts between documents tend to look alike in certain ways. For instance, the resume typically starts with contact information and a resume objective. This is followed by information about experience, education, and skills.

Your layout doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but this gives you an idea of what other resumes will look like. For instance, if you have limited experience, you might format your education above the experience. It all comes down to what you want to highlight for a hiring manager.

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