Fast Food Manager Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

Fast food managers are responsible for running restaurants and supervising staff so diners can get their delicious meals in a hurry. These managers must make sure food safety procedures are followed, health codes are adhered to, and employees are properly trained.

Overseeing staff performance, scheduling shifts, and jumping on the floor to cook or take orders are part of the job. If you’re crafting a fast food manager resume, it should show that you can handle all these tasks and any others that come up throughout the day. Everything from reporting accidents to checking equipment and handling complaints is part of the position.

Even if you have tons of experience, your resume can make or break your chance of getting a job. You have to be capable of creating a professional document that shows your skills in food service, speaking with customers, training employees, and more. This might sound like a huge task but this guide is here to help.

We’ll walk you through exactly what you want to add to a fast food manager resume and how to format it all together. There will be an example resume to guide you, as well as an assortment of tips to get you on the right track. Keep reading and learn how to build a resume that turns heads.

Fast food manager resume writing guide: Where to start?

Whether you’re creating a Burger King or McDonald’s manager resume, it’s important to have all your information ready to go. Taking a look at sample resumes can also be useful so you get an idea of what hiring managers would like to see. Keep in mind that you should send in a customized resume for every job. It’s the only way to show you can handle the position.

Because of that, we recommend creating a master resume that you use to pull information from when making job-specific resumes. Below, we’ll explain what makes these two resumes different and why both should be a part of your resume writing process.

Master resume for fast food manager

When you sit down to build a fast food shift manager resume, the most important thing to start with is accurate information. This is why we always recommend creating a master resume. Your master resume is where you have all the information about past jobs, education, and skills. When you have all of this in a single place, it’s far easier to remember the important things and transfer this information to the job-specific resume you turn in.

The initial creation of a master resume may take some time, but it’s worth it as it makes things easier for all the jobs you apply to in the future. Once that’s done, you can add new skills, education, and other information as it occurs to keep things up to date. Then you simply need to pull out the master resume to fill in new resumes each time you want to turn in an application.

There are many ways to craft a master resume. It can be as simple as writing the information into a notebook or pulling up a Word document and typing it in. Some people even keep this information on their phones or tablets. Consider creating one now and see how it speeds up the creation of customized resumes in the future.

Job-specific resume for fast food manager

With a master resume ready, access the McDonald’s manager job description for the resume. This is where you’ll get keywords and phrases that you want to weave into a job-specific resume. Take note of what the description asks for from potential employees and make sure to include relevant information in your resume to show you can handle the job.

This is useful because the hiring manager will see that you can handle the job responsibilities, but that isn’t the only reason to use keywords. Most employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to sift through resumes automatically when they come in. A lack of keywords could mean that nobody human ever sees the resume.

There are other differences between a customized and a master resume, too. For instance, the fast food manager resumes you turn in should be aesthetically pleasing whereas that doesn’t matter so much for a master resume. The layout and design of the job-specific resume will take more consideration.

As you build your job-specific resume for a fast food manager position, remember to be concise but professional. The resume should be no more than two pages long, but if you can keep it to one page, that’s even better. Ensure all the information you include is relevant and worthy of being included.

Fast food manager resume example

Fast Food Manager Resume Example

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Barbara’s fast food manager resume above is a good example of what yours should look like when complete. You can see throughout the resume objective and work experience that the applicant has experience with fast food manager responsibilities and knows how to share that. She also goes into her education, skills, and more to create a full-featured document to send in with an application.

What to include in a fast food manager resume? Writing tips and examples

When you read the fast food supervisor job description, it will give you an idea of what should be on your resume. The main sections to include are your contact information, resume objective, skills, education, and experience. Each of these has its own set of requirements and we’ll be sharing the details for some of them below.

How to write a resume objective on a fast food manager resume

One of the most important parts of a fast food manager resume is the resume objective. This is a short but crucial section where you pack in your most impressive achievements. It can also share a few of your skills and information about past experiences in the workplace. However, every word counts so you have to be picky about what you would like to improve.

You can see an example of this section in the resume for Barbara above. Yours won’t be the same since you’ll have different skills and experience. However, you can use the example to get an idea of how to word things and what might be best to include.

When creating a resume objective for a fast food manager resume, you want it to be no more than four sentences long. Since every word matters, using powerful terms and adding numbers is recommended. This is less of a place to explain job responsibilities and more of a section to share what you’ve accomplished in the past.

As with the rest of the fast food manager resume, you want to stay professional in what you write down. However, don’t go overboard with a ton of jargon or slang, even if it’s common in the industry. Write things out and be mindful of the way the words you use could characterize you.

The proper way to add work experience to a fast food manager resume

After you’ve finished listing your contact information and crafting a resume objective, the next thing to look at is your work experience. This is going to be one of the largest sections of the resume assuming you have past experience. Those with less experience may find their education and skills are a more prominent part of the fast food manager resume.

The main purpose of this section is to show relevant jobs while giving an idea of what your day-to-day duties were. This is also a great place to incorporate additional accomplishments from your past. If you did something similar to the job you want or gained relevant skills for a position, it should be added to your work experience.

If you’ve worked in restaurants in the past, those are the best things to include information about. However, even work in other industries can be relevant based on what you did and anything you might have learned. Consider what you did in past roles and how it lines up with the job you want. This is another area where you can add extra keywords that show you’d be a great manager.

For most people, you’ll want to include your most recent position at the top and then work through the past. Those with less experience can choose another format or even place this section lower than skills and education. It’s all a matter of what will paint you in the best light and provide the best chance of an interview.

To create the different entries, build a header with the basic needed information. First, add in the name of the company, what your role was, the location of the business, and when you were employed there. The space underneath can be used to provide extra information. Include duties, accomplishments, and other relevant details.

Adding educational background to a fast food manager resume

You might think that education isn’t as important as the other sections we’ve talked about but that isn’t true. Some fast food restaurants require a high school degree. Others want to see that at least in managers so this is something you should include. Not sharing that you have a degree could be a bad choice if other potential employees list their education.

For those who have additional education, the high school diploma can be removed. Instead, share your degrees (avoid removing any of them, even if you have several). These are largely the same in terms of the information you provide. Include where you got the degree, what the degree was in, and when it was acquired. You can also include the date you got it but this isn’t needed if it has been over a decade.

The way this is formatted will depend on your level of education. A simple line or two is enough for a high school diploma. More information is shared for college degrees. Keep in mind that certifications can also be left in this section unless you prefer a separate area to list them.

Those with no or little experience can beef up the education section to make the resume fill up a page. For instance, you could include any honors you receive, what your GPA was, and include any courses that are relevant to the position you want. However, make sure that what you include adds value to your resume and isn’t only to get rid of white space.

Skills to list on a fast food manager resume

Another section that is highly important for your fast food manager resume is a list of skills. However, rather than randomly choosing skills you have, you should select skills that are relevant to the job that you also are adept at. This is going to be different for every person, but there are some skills that are more common than others.

While choosing the skills to list, think about both hard and soft skills. Hard skills, or professional skills, are measurable and teachable abilities that are taught or enhanced using educational training, hands-on experience, and repetition. Soft skills, or personal skills, are interpersonal skills and character traits. A few examples for a fast food manager resume include the following:

Hard skills

·       Schedule making

·       Marketing

·       Budgeting and accounting

·       Business skills

·       Food safety knowledge

·       Strategic ordering

·       Event planning

·       POS service knowledge

·       Cash management

Soft skills

·       Customer service

·       Diplomacy

·       Empathy

·       Leadership

·       Positive attitude

·       Conflict management

·       Self-motivation

·       Verbal communication

·       Networking

·       Attention to detail

Ready to build a great fast food resume? Check out our selection of templates and find the one that resonates with you.

Key takeaways

Fast food managers are tasked with doing many different things each day. The ability to handle those things while getting food out fast characterizes a great employee. Throw in some leadership experience and you’re on your way. Make sure your fast food manager resume takes the tips above into account and you’ll be on your way to getting the position you’re hoping for.

Resume tips for a fast food manager:

·       Be sure to include the mandatory sections for a fast food manager resume: contact information, work experience, education, and skills. Add other sections as needed.

·       Take your time to fill out your information to be sure it’s all accurate and relevant to the job you want.

·       Use simple and easy-to-understand language without slang or jargon.

·       After creating your resume, proofread for things like spelling mistakes and typos.

·       Include action verbs and quantify your achievements to provide evidence of your experience.

·       Use a tool like Grammarly to make sure you didn’t miss any mistakes so you can turn in a perfect fast food manager resume and cover letter.

Next steps?

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What should a fast food manager put on a resume?

There are several sections of information to include on a fast food manager resume. In addition to fast food assistant manager duties, which will go in your objective and work experience areas, you also want to share skills, education, and contact information.

You want to share the experience you have related to the position and any other skills that might be useful while on the job. The primary goal of your resume is to show you have the needed skills and knowledge to get a great manager. Every section should be tailored toward that goal.

What skills should a fast food manager have?

Pluck keywords and skills from the fast food general manager job description for the best results. You want to include things you’re adept at that will be useful in a specific position. Knowing the job description inside and out will give you an edge over others applying for the position.

When choosing the skills to include, make sure you have a mixture of soft and hard skills. This shows that you’re well-rounded and can handle all aspects of fast food management. Go with the skills you’re best at as long as they pertain to the position.

What is an example of a resume objective for a fast food manager resume?

Every resume objective is going to vary. It should be based on your experience and the fast food manager job description for the resume. Incorporate keywords where possible and include action verbs and numbers to show that you are capable as a manager.

An example might be: Searching for an opportunity to broaden my experience and enhance my skills in the fast food manager position at your company. Bringing 9 years of experience providing quality leadership and food service in a fast-paced environment. Solid foundation and history in process and people management.

How do you put restaurant manager experience on a resume?

When you’re crafting a fast food restaurant manager resume, you want to include experience from past jobs you’ve had. In most cases, you’ll want to start with the most recent position you were in. This job can take up more space on the resume than ones from farther in the past.

A header should be included with basic details: name of company, role, location, and dates employed. Then you should add a set of bullet points below where you go into your achievements and accomplishments at the job.

What structure is best for a fast food manager resume?

A fast food restaurant assistant manager resume should start with your contact information. After that, the resume objective gives a broad overview of who you are, what you can do, and what goals you have moving forward. These are two sections that are mandatory for the resume.

Beyond that, move into other sections that matter, such as experience, education, and skills. If you have extra room, you can include things like references, certifications, languages, achievements, and hobbies.

How long is the average fast food manager resume?

In most cases, your fast food manager resume should be a single page. Those who have at least 10 years of experience in the industry can choose to go to a two-page resume. However, one page is better unless you have lots of relevant information to share.

If you’re looking for ways to cut the length, look at the fast food assistant manager job description for the resume. Any items that aren’t relevant to the description can be cut to get down to one page.

Is there a specific layout for a fast food manager resume?

There are two basic layouts to use for a fast food manager resume. The first has all the information within a single column while the second has a small sidebar on the left or right. No matter which you choose, the main goal is to make the professional document simple to read.

The way you place the fast food manager resume sections is also important to think about. For most people, you’ll start with contact information and a resume objective. Items like work experience, education, skills, and references will be farther down the page.

How should a fast food manager resume be formatted?

When it comes to your work experience and education, the most common format for a fast food manager resume is reverse-chronological. The reason this is recommended is because it emphasizes your work history and experience. Recent employment is listed first before working backward to other experience.

Make sure that the length of the resume is also appropriate based on your experience. A fast food manager resume should be no more than one to two pages long. If removing something that isn’t highly relevant makes the resume hit a single page, that’s often the best course of action.

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