Event Coordinator Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

Whether someone is planning a wedding, a bridal shower, or a baby shower, an event coordinator is behind the scenes making sure everything goes smoothly. These experts have connections to the best vendors and an eye for detail that ensures all types of events are special. If you want to plan corporate events (or others), you need an outstanding event coordinator resume.

It is a competitive landscape for those who want to land an event coordinator position, but it’s a passion for all sorts of people. It’s a job that lets you be innovative and creative while showing off your organizational and customer satisfaction skills. To be the one who gets the position you want, one of the best things you can do is build a great event coordinator resume. We’re here to share with you exactly how to do that.

Whether you’re an aspiring coordinator or someone with experience who wants to move up, your resume has to make an impact. It can be the difference between getting an interview and heading back to the job search. It isn’t enough to pull together a generic resume. Your resume for an event coordinator has to go above and beyond.

With this guide, you can be sure that your resume gets noticed. It will be better than most of the documents turned in by your competitors. We’ll give you examples and tips that land you more interviews and get you access to the best positions. If you want to dictate where you work and how much money you make, use our guide to craft an event coordinator resume.

Event coordinator resume writing guide: Where to start?

If you want to impress a hiring manager and their corporate clients, there’s a system you should use to make a resume. The good news is that it is composed of only two steps. You’ll make a master resume and then convert that into a job-specific resume. Have the event coordinator job description for the resume as you take these steps. It is going to come in handy.

Master resume for an events coordinator

The first part of this process is to build a master resume. This is a document that only your eyes will have access to. You might wonder what the point of this resume is. It is useful because it holds all your employment information so you can quickly and easily build amazing job-specific resumes whenever you see a job you want to apply to.

While the resume you turn in with your application will focus on things like experience in event planning and client satisfaction, there’s no need to place anything but the facts in a master resume. List your past jobs and what you did at them. Make sure to note your biggest achievements while you’re at it. Skills, education, and other details should also be part of this resume.

While a job-specific resume is tailored for a single position, your master resume is not. Even if you have experience or skills unrelated to video editing, include those too. You never know when you might want that information in the future. This is a compilation that ensures you never forget something important if it comes up. If you aren’t sure whether to include it, go ahead and do so.

Once the master resume is written, you can move on to the second step of the process. However, you should go back on occasion and make updates to it. New projects, education, skills, and employment should be included so you can easily cut and paste what you need for any future applications you craft.

Job-specific events coordinator resume

Now we come to the event coordinator resume for a specific job. This is when you will need an event coordinator job description for the resume. It’s going to be a huge resource for you to build an informative and attractive resume to send in with a job application. One of the things it will provide you with is event coordinator resume keywords that you can use to show you’re perfect for the position.

It might seem like a lot of work to build a resume for every job you apply to. However, the master resume ensures this is not the case. It makes it much easier to customize each resume and paint yourself in the best light. By using keywords from the job ad, you show that you fully understand the position and are poised to be hired and make positive changes.

For sections like the resume objective, work experience, and skills, these are where you’ll do most of your customizing. The resume objective will focus on achievements that line up with what you’d do in the new position, while you might focus on different employment highlights for each job. The same applies to skills based on what is the most relevant.

If you don’t find enough information in the job description to do your customizing, you can also look at other resources. The company website and social media can give you an idea of the company culture and what’s expected of you in the position you’re interested in. Making edits to each resume you send in makes it more likely you move on to an interview.

Event coordinator resume example

Event Coordinator Resume Example

Download This Resume Example

Create your professional resume now

You may have seen other event coordinator resume samples while surfing the Internet, but now it’s time to see ours. This sample events coordinator resume is full of information and looks good at the same time. Those two elements make it a great document to emulate as you build your own. It’s brief but packed with information from simple contact information to details about past positions in similar roles.

What to include in a resume for an event coordinator? Writing tips and examples

Whether you’ll be planning private events or charity events, you need to show that you can handle every detail. Everything from event attendance to event staff will be your responsibility and you need to indicate that’s not a problem for you. The next part of the guide is going to focus on a few critical sections of the resume and how to put them together in the best possible way. Use these hints to maximize the impact of your event coordinator resume.

How to write a resume objective on an event coordinator resume

When it comes down to importance, the event coordinator resume objective is definitely toward the top. This is where you draw in the hiring manager and make them interested in you. You have up to four sentences to show them who you are, what you can do, and why you’d be worth interviewing for the position. Since this section is super short, you need to make every word compelling.

The majority of this section should be related to your highest achievements. Use powerful terms and include numbers to show what you’ve done in the past for other companies. Whether that means coming up with hundreds of unique event details or improving vendor costs, here is where you show that off for recruiters.

However, there is a twist. You want to be sure anything you write here applies to the position you want. It’s not going to be useful to talk about how great you are at a certain skill if it’s now needed in the role. The job description will give you an idea of what to include and what you might want to omit. Use it to tailor your description for the job.

Skills to list on an event coordinator resume

What else is super important for an event coordinator resume? The skills section. This is composed of a list of the things you do best – and which are relevant to the position. It doesn’t matter if your focus is special events or board meetings, you want your skills to match up to what you’ll be doing in the future.

First, make sure you only include relevant skills. You should also use a mixture of soft skills and hard skills. Show off your industry knowledge by selecting abilities that the company wants to have in its next hire. There are numerous ways to go here but some skills are more impressive than others.

Interpersonal skills and communication skills are a must since you’ll be working with people of all types. Leadership skills also come in handy since you will be directing others to make the event a success. Organizational skills are another good option as the job depends on getting things done well, on time, and within budget.

In addition to including the skill itself, make sure you indicate your level of expertise with it. This will make your resume more informative for the person in charge of the hiring. If you aren’t sure where to start, use the list above to begin the brainstorming process:

·       Vendor management

·       Critical thinking

·       Event coordination

·       Event logistics

·       Event programs

·       Event production

·       Event services

·       Delivery of events

·       Project management

·       Customer service

·       Public relations

·       Event management

·       Budget execution

·       Administrative tasks

How to write work experience on an event coordinator resume

Show that you know how to put on successful events by sharing relevant experience in past positions. That doesn’t mean you had to have had the same job title at past positions, although it is a benefit if you do. The important thing is showing how each experience played into making you a good candidate for the one you now desire.

The main header for each entry should share where you worked, what your role was, and when you were with the company. Underneath is where you add detailed information about everything you accomplished. Make a short bullet list and dig into the things that make you stand out compared to other applicants.

For those with less experience, feel free to highlight education and skills above experience. However, if you get creative, any position can be listed and made relevant to the one you want now. Skills or duties are going to cross and you can use that to show how much potential you have.

After you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your I’s, it’s time to think about the overall look of your resume. CVMaker offers a wide array of event coordinator resume templates that you can use to make your document stand out from the pack. Select one you like, edit the colors, and add your information. It’s that simple!

Key takeaways on building professional resumes for event coordinators

You can handle the highest client expectations when it comes to transforming spaces for all types of events. Now, you also know how to build a resume that puts your best foot forward and helps you succeed. Following the steps in this guide is sure to make you one of the most promising applicants for the job you want. Create a cover letter to go with your application and good luck!

Extra tips for the perfect event coordinator resume:

Proving you can handle all the planning for diverse events while building positive relationships with clients is at the heart of an event coordinator’s work. Your resume needs to show that you’re ready for the challenge. The tips below can help make it the best it can be:

·       Always read through the entire resume once it’s written. You want to be sure you catch any errors and correct any typos. Consider a tool like Grammarly to ensure no mistakes go unnoticed.

·       Flow matters as much as information so be sure your resume has it in spades. You can read the resume aloud to get insight into any changes you might need to make.

·       When choosing the design of your resume, be creative but don’t go overboard. Having several colors or fonts can make it more challenging to read a professional document.

·       Jargon and slang are not appropriate for resumes so avoid those things as much as you can. The best resume is one that anyone can understand, even if they aren’t familiar with the position.

·       Do an extra read of your resume but put yourself in the position of the recruiter who may be reading it. Make sure the document has decent spacing, good organization, and looks fully professional.

 Next steps?

You have all the information you need to create an event coordinator resume that enthralls a hiring manager. However, maybe you want a bit of extra help to ensure you have the best chance at the job you want. CVMaker is here to assist you with whatever concerns you might have. Take a look at our Resume Writing Service and let an expert take care of building the ultimate resume.


What are the steps to write a resume for an event coordinator?

There are a lot of steps to creating a great resume. You want to make sure all the information, like the event coordinator resume description, is impressive. Start by choosing a resume format and making a header or sidebar where you list your contact information.

After that, we recommend writing the work experience, education, and skills section. You should leave the resume objective for last. You’ll already have your accomplishments on the page and you can use them to craft something unique and interesting. Once the info is on the page, formatting should be done to create a gorgeous document.

How do I write an event coordinator resume with no experience?

If you’re an event coordinator with no experience, your resume may need to be adapted to show off your best traits. Since experience may not be one of those things, a different resume format for the event coordinator resume might be a good choice. However, even unrelated experience can be included if you link it to the position you want.

Those with degrees might want to beef up their education section to make up for the lack of professional experience. You can also add optional sections to give a better idea of who you are and why you deserve a chance as an event coordinator. It’s especially important to customize your resume and make sure it looks good.

How do you describe event coordinator work on a resume?

Similar to the resume description for an event coordinator, your work experience should mainly be used to show off where you excel. Accomplishments, awards, achievements, and other things you’re proud of should be listed with each entry you make for work experience.

As you write bullet points in this section, think less about the duties of the job and more about how you made things bigger and better than others could. You should use action verbs and incorporate numbers into each entry. This is going to show far more promise than just reiterating what you did for each event.

What are the most common event coordinator resume skills?

Event coordinator resume skills are going to vary from one resume to the next. That’s fine since every position is going to be slightly different. Some skills are more common than others but it’s better to be relevant than to list the same skills as everyone else who is applying for the position.

Make sure your skills include both hard skills and soft skills. It shows that you are well-rounded and capable of pretty much anything. Include everything you bring to events, clients, staff, and vendors. This shows you understand all aspects of the job and excel at each one of them. Prioritize any skills in the job description when possible.

What should I put on my resume for event planning?

As you build a special event coordinator resume, several sections are considered mandatory. This includes the event coordinator resume summary, contact information, skills, work experience, and education. Anything else can be added as needed to prove you’re the best candidate for the position.

Do you know several languages? Make that a section. Have you received certifications? You can make a place for those, too. Everything from past projects to key achievements and your hobbies can spice up the resume and make it a bit different from all the other ones that are sent in. However, make sure what you add has something to do with what you will be doing if you are hired.

Is an event planner a manager or a coordinator?

It really depends on the position, which is why it’s important to base your event coordinator resume on the job description. In general, planners work on the vision for a specific event while a coordinator takes those ideas and makes them into something tangible. Managers tend to supervise or work with planners and coordinators.

Take a look at the job description if you aren’t sure whether the position is more about planning, coordination, or both. Feel free to apply for any of these positions if they appeal to you. The terms are often used for all sorts of event work so there’s no harm in looking beyond the actual term used to describe the role.

What are the common responsibilities of an event coordinator?

Event coordinators are professionals in the event and hospitality industry. They tend to plan and coordinate events of all kinds. The average worker might stick to a budget while choosing venues, selecting on-site vendors, and ensuring customers are satisfied on the date of the actual event.

Everything from hiring performers to booking catering services is the responsibility of an event coordinator. They’re the ones who get all the details together and make sure the event is a successful one. They need to have a keen attention to detail, the ability to multitask, and logistical skills to do a great job.

Ready to choose an event planner resume template to get the aesthetic you want for your professional document? It’s never been easier and you can be sure your resume stands out. At CVMaker, we offer several different event coordinator templates to choose from. Choose the one you like and complete your document!

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