Esthetician Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

Your excellent customer service skills create easy rapport with clients. And your incredible knowledge of skincare products makes it easy for them to achieve their skincare goals.

It’s little wonder your client retention rate is impressive, and referrals regularly stream in.

You love the beauty industry, and clients love you.

Your dream job has just become available, and you’re panicked. “How do I make an esthetician resume that gets me an interview?” you ask yourself.

An anxious online search has brought you exactly where you need to be!

This article tells you how to write the perfect resume for estheticians in next to no time.

Whether a manager or a new esthetician, we share crucial information, expert hints, and resume tips on what hiring managers want. There’s also a full esthetician resume sample created on our resume builder.

No supermarket skin care products can match the results of skin care treatments in the hands of a skilled esthetician. Likewise, no DIY resume matches the professional results of a resume builder designed by recruitment experts.

Our resume templates are updated regularly to match current hiring trends. Research shows that resume builder resumes are more successful in landing interviews.

Let's get started!

Esthetician resume writing guide: Where to start?

Skincare plans are essential to glowing, healthy skin, but no two skincare routines are the same because skin types differ. Careers are like that, too. Even jobs that appear similar have significant differences since no two employers or employees are alike.

Way too few job seekers realize that job hunting involves much more than just submitting a resume. Successful job applicants know their career goals and understand what a prospective employer needs.

Getting to that point requires some upfront evaluation, sort of like doing a skin analysis on a new clients skin. How can you address someone’s skin concerns if you don’t understand what you’re working with?

Of course, any assessment also involves recognizing the limits of your product knowledge and esthetician skills. This self-knowledge review happens almost unconsciously as we draw on our existing skills and experience to make sense of the current situation. From here, you know what skincare products and treatments will work for specific clients.

Apply the same process to each job application.

Before starting your job hunt, identify your talents, strengths, weaknesses, and what you want from a future employer. This sets parameters to work in and allows you to plan each job application.

Determine your likes and dislikes by reviewing your career history from when you were a trainee to today. What aspects of beauty do you enjoy, what do you put off until later, and what do you avoid? Usually, things we put off are areas we find tedious or doubt our abilities. In contrast, we tend to avoid what we dislike. With this in mind, you can choose job opportunities that meet your career goals and where you’ll be happy.

Remembering each job's details becomes challenging, though, depending on your years of professional experience. Cut yourself some slack by creating a master esthetician resume upfront. That way, when you see a fantastic job opportunity, you can apply in minutes by referring to your master resume.

That makes compiling a master resume is your starting point.

An all-inclusive master resume that’s readily accessible is essential to meet today’s fast-paced hiring requirements, which brings us to another critical issue. Few job seekers understand how modern recruitment processes work or that AI in HR tech plays a significant role initially.

Let’s explain further –

Hiring managers compile a list of crucial skills required for an employee to succeed in doing the job well. These skills are tagged as keywords and written into the job description given to recruiters. As the job post gets loaded to job boards and websites, keywords are flagged and rated in order of importance. Applicant tracking systems, or ATS, are used to upload job ads to various media. They also receive all inbound applications, which are scanned immediately by parsing software for keyword content. Resumes with a high keyword ratio are moved to the recruiter’s inbox. Those with a low keyword ratio don’t make it through to recruiters' folders, making it unlikely they’ll get read.

Examples of typical esthetician resume keywords include:

  • Beauty treatments
  • Experienced esthetician
  • Facial treatments
  • Monthly inventory
  • Organic skincare
  • Passion for skincare

If your resume is passed to recruiters by ATS, don’t expect it to be reviewed for more than a few seconds. Recruiters know what they’re looking for; your resume moves to the interview list if they find it. If not, and your resume gets removed from the recruitment process.

That’s the reality of modern recruitment!

In truth, it works very well, considering the number of applications each job post receives. Your task is to understand the role of AI in ATS and how to get around it. And the short answer to that is by providing what’s required verbatim.

How you do it is straightforward. Submit a short, sharp, targeted, job-specific, and keyword-focused esthetician resume with only relevant experience and skills. Not only will this get you past ATS, but it will also impress hiring managers. An application that immediately says you can do the job and do it well meets a need and compels a reaction. The perfect response is a callback and a spot on the interview shortlist.

Submitting lengthy resumes full of irrelevant information is a common mistake. Instead of impressing, the resume gets overlooked as no one has time to wade through it in the hope there’s something valuable.

So, back to the starting point. A master esthetician resume to reference and ensure your job-specific resume is always on point.

Expert hint

Focus on what extensive experience, skills, and value you bring. That’s the only thing recruiters and hiring managers want to know when they first read your resume. Only if they think you can do the job will they continue reading.

Master licensed esthetician resume

A master resume details all your jobs, including responsibilities, education, courses, notable achievements, technical skills, and soft skills. Include study dates, education institution names, qualifications, certifications, license details, employer names, tenure dates, and job titles with job descriptions. List any accomplishments or awards under the relevant study or work section, as well.

Your master resume provides an expanded view of your career and is an essential tool for making successful job applications. By comparing job post requirements to your master resume, you ensure nothing relevant gets omitted from your job-specific resume.

A master resume has no specific format since it’s only for your use. However, a reverse-chronological order starting with the most recent and continuing in descending order makes referencing and finding details easier.

Take time to compile your master resume; it must be faultless and detailed. Ultimately, time spent on composition will be saved with each application, and you’re assured nothing important gets omitted.

Save your master and all supporting documents to an easily accessible folder. Aside from job applications, use it to update your LinkedIn profile and other business socials. If your resume makes the interview list, recruiters and hiring managers go straight to your online presence, so keep it updated.

Never apply for a job with your master resume, even if you’re in a rush. Only use it as the foundation for each job-specific resume.

Job-specific esthetician resume templates

No two jobs are ever the same, as each spa, salon, and client base are different. Therefore, approach every job application as a clean slate.

First, establish whether you’re a good fit for the job and if it will move you closer to your career goals. Visit prospective employers’ websites and search online beauty publications for more insight. Likewise, social media can give you an understanding of their client base, skincare products, aesthetic services, team, and management.

If the job ticks all the right boxes, compare the post to your master resume and extract matching skills and experience. Don’t forget transferrable skills, also known as portable skills. As the name implies, these soft skills can be transferred from one job role to another. Typical examples include exceptional customer service skills and having a positive attitude.

Once you’re sure you meet most of the critical requirements, it's time to write a targeted, job-specific esthetician resume. While taking relevant skills and experience from your master, remember to edit the words to mirror the keywords in the job post. That’s to ensure parsing software picks up the keywords and your resume moves through to the interview process. Furthermore, list your professional experience in the same order as the job description; hiring managers usually list responsibilities in the order of importance. In so doing, you bring your value and potential to the fore.

Crucially, your job-specific resume for estheticians jobs must only include the requirements detailed in the post. Anything else is irrelevant info that could hamper your application. A concise job-specific resume hooks readers in and gets you shortlisted. Once you’re engaging with the hiring team, you can provide additional details.

Avoid self-destructive practices like keyword stuffing or exaggerating anything on your resume. Things like this can cost you opportunities.

Format for esthetician resumes

Generally, reverse-chronological order esthetician resume templates are the most popular and work best for esthetician resumes. Other resume formats include combination or functional resumes.

Irrespective of the format, all job-specific resumes have mandatory and optional sections. Your resume must cover the following required areas:

  • Objective statement
  • Personal details
  • Work experience
  • Education/courses
  • Skills

Optional sections depend on the job requirements, or you can include them if they enhance your application. They include:

You’ve probably seen resumes with and without profile photos and are wondering what you should do. Including a professional resume image depends on the country where the potential employer is based. English-speaking countries in the West, including the UK and the USA, mostly legislate against resume photos to prevent hiring bias. In some of these countries, resumes with a picture are deleted without being read to promote transparency in hiring. The lines are vaguer across Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, where some countries expect a resume image and others don’t. A quick online check on labor legislation in the specific region will guide you.

Action verbs

A positive, can-do attitude and superior customer service skills are essential for estheticians. Since your resume precedes you, the language and tone of your resume must express your personality and attitude.

Including compelling action verbs is an excellent way of engaging readers and demonstrating your personality. Skillfully weaving action verbs into your resume summary, work experience, and cover letter can compel readers to take action. A quick response gets you into the interview process ahead of other candidates and improves your chances of getting hired.

Esthetician action verbs include:

  • Analyzing
  • Implementing
  • Improving
  • Recommending
  • Resolving
  • Upselling

Does an aesthetician resume need a headline?

Resume headlines aren’t necessary, particularly if you have a resume objective. Neither is a resume header. That said, if you have a particular achievement or worked for an instantly recognizable organization, it serves as a resume hook. For example, “Licensed esthetician at Kosmetikinstitut, Switzerland.” Or “ Licensed esthetician with 10+ years of experience and own client base.”

Finishing touches

First impressions count as much for your resume as they do for you in person. And as you already know, esthetics often come down to the finer details.

Your resume background must be white and the font black in a business style, like Times New Roman. Use bullet points where necessary and have white space between sections. You want an ATS-friendly resume that’s reader-friendly, scannable, and saved in PDF format. Using a resume builder sorts these issues, allowing you to focus on quality content, making it the best option.

Draw readers in with tasteful colors on your resume, but only as borders and in resume headlines. Avoid color kaleidoscopes by selecting one color that enhances your resume and possibly reflects your personality or role.

Finally, limit your job-specific resume to one and no more than two pages. The critical job requirements must excite readers and get you on the interview list. Wordy, irrelevant details are a waste of time and will likely see your resume binned.

Expert hint

Only include relevant skills, work experience, and qualifications in your job-specific resume. What’s not in the post is irrelevant. Show you’ve got more to give by adding “detailed resume available on request” at the end of your resume.

Esthetician resume example

Esthetician Resume Example

Download This Resume Example

Create your professional resume now

These esthetician resume samples are for an entry-level and experienced esthetician. In the first example of esthetician resume, Maurisa has opted for our double-columned Harvard template in red. See how Maurisa focuses on work experience and skills. Whereas the new esthetician resume examples of Alanis, made with our Berkley template, also in red, focuses on education and training.

What to include in a resume for estheticians? Writing tips and examples

Job posts dictate what information to have in all sections of experienced esthetician resumes. A strong resume includes all your skills and experience that match the job requirements and possibly other details that can enhance your application. Don’t add anything just for the sake of it, though; if it doesn’t add value, it doesn’t belong.

Look for mentions in the vacancy like “added advantage” or “nice to have.” While not essential, these experiences or skills will boost your application. For example, multilingualism might not be a prerequisite, but it enhances your application if the client base is diverse.

Effective resume writing is a delicate balance, just like skincare treatments. Too much attention spoils the result, while too little is likely ineffective. Keep assessing if including optional enhancements, like accomplishments, add or take away from your application.

How to write a personal profile on an esthetician resume

All skin care professionals must have a brief bio as a resume opener. Known as a personal profile, resume summary, or resume objective, it’s the first thing readers see.

Consider it the “about me” section of your resume. A personal profile comprises around 80 to 100 words, giving readers insight into your relevant certificates, licensing, work experience, skills, and notable achievements. Since it’s the first thing readers see, it’s your only chance to impress, meaning it makes or breaks your application.

Usually, it’s best to write your resume objective once you’ve completed your job-specific resume. That way, you ensure it’s relevant to the role and aligns with your resume. Include specifics, statistics, and numbers where possible for greater word count and impact. Don’t forget vital keywords, and write in a confident and persuasive tone. Your resume summaries must be interesting enough to grab the reader’s curiosity, so they keep reading.

Resume summaries are, however, not a cover or motivation letter. Every resume wants a personal profile, but not every job application needs a cover letter.

Esthetician resume objectives are part of targeted, job-specific resumes. It briefly summarizes your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications related to the job. Conversely, an esthetician cover letter is separate and more detailed, providing background details, intentions, and ambitions. Write it in 300 to 400 words, broken into three to six paragraphs on a single page. Usually, a cover letter is addressed to someone specific by name, much like a business letter. Cover letters are targeted to individual job applications, too. Avoid generic cover letters sent with every application. They’re pointless and can damage your chances of getting hired.

Cover letters motivate job applications, articulating to prospective employers why you’re the best candidate. They aim to provide information backed up on the resume to give deeper insight into your application.

A cover letter’s length and additional content can confuse ATS, reducing the keyword count. So, include keywords from the post in your cover letter, too.

Not every job application needs a cover letter. Only include one if:

  • The job post specifies the inclusion of a cover letter.
  • You’re applying directly to a company without replying to a job ad.

Esthetician bio samples

Use these esthetician bio examples as inspiration to write your own resume summaries. These esthetician about me examples showcase the wide range of services estheticians offer.

Senior esthetician resume summary

Service-oriented, licensed esthetician with extensive experience in the beauty industry. Over 7 years of experience at ABC Salon & Spa Client, Atlanta, treating up to 20 clients weekly. Passion for skincare and making clients love and appreciate their skin, especially those with problematic skin conditions like acne-prone skin. Client consultations, skin type and skin quality analysis, skin treatments, including advanced skincare treatments, and personalized treatments. Advanced knowledge of products and selling quality facial products to clients. Conducting training sessions for team of 6 skin care therapists on advanced skin care services. Managing administrative tasks, client experience, and ensuring client retention.

Esthetician resume objective

Licensed esthetician with a passion for skincare and a track record of making a difference. Five years of experience at Ulta BeautyJacksonville. Averaging 6 to 9 consultations with clients daily. Building relationships with clients by ensuring client satisfaction. Services to clients include facial treatments, body treatments, chemical peels, skin care treatments, laser hair removal, body waxing, body scrubs, and body wraps. Retail sales of products for maintenance regimen and organic skincare. Excellent sales skills and have met 100% of monthly sales goals over the past 36 months. Keen to secure a position at Ulta Beauty Canyon Ranch.

Newly licensed esthetician resume objective

Enthusiastic and keen newly experienced esthetician with a recently completed internship at Massage EnvyCharlotte. Experienced in skin analysis, skin-care regimens, facial massages, European facials, skin rejuvenation, makeup application, waxing techniques, and head, hand, and foot massages. Eager to expand my experience in body hair removal and other beauty treatments. Reasonable knowledge of skincare products from selling retail products and doing monthly inventory counts. Looking forward to providing excellent service and a wide range of treatments to clients under the supervision of a medical esthetician in a busy spa or salon.

Skills to list on an esthetician resume

Esthetician skills are essential in your resume to get hired. The skills section is the first place ATS, recruiters, and hiring managers scan through.

In a job-specific resume, you want only the skills listed in the job post, irrespective of how many additional skills you might have. Esthetics industry skills include soft skills and technical skills in the job description.

Soft skills are inherent or developed personality traits gained from family or social interactions. They’re not traditionally taught, but we can acquire them through career coaching. Active listening is a perfect example. We’re not all born great listeners, but we can learn listening skills from our social surroundings. Even in later life, if we choose to develop active listening skills, we can. It’s a necessary skill in customer service as it helps you recognize consumer pain points.

On the contrary, any technical skills are learned through education, training, and hands-on experience. Initial foundational training continues developing through practice and continuous use. Take advanced skincare treatments, for instance; initially, it can be a little daunting. Regular use, however, improves skills, and soon you’re an expert at it.

The more beauty industry experience you’ve, the more you accumulate. While all skills must be in your master resume, they don’t all belong in your esthetician resume skills section. A targeted, job-specific resume only lists skills stated in the advert.

List skills individually precisely as they appear in the post. Give a rating next to each skill from beginner to expert.

Typical skills for esthetician resume include:

  • Beauty treatments
  • Body treatments
  • Hair removal treatments
  • Skincare treatments
  • Retail sales

Expert hint

Include a brief list of your esthetician skills and a proficiency rating per skill. Mirror the job post’s wording exactly, and don’t elaborate. Resume skills are always tagged as keywords for parsing software.

How to write work experience on an esthetician resume

Licensed estheticians can work in private salons, spas, dermatology clinics, department stores, and cruise ships. They can work from home, become salon or spa owners, beauty bloggers, social media influencers, or beauty school instructors, as well.

Specializing in specific services to clients, such as body hair removal treatments, medical esthetics, and laser therapy, increases earning potential.

The esthetician job description for resume section is second in importance only to the skills section. It becomes even more important once you reach the interview stage. Hiring teams will base their interview questions on the details from this section.

Your resume objective gave a brief overview of what value you offer. Here, you expand on it and sell your knowledge of skincare products and treatments as the solution to the employer’s need. It’s simple - they need an esthetician, and you have the relevant qualifications, skills, and experience. It’s up to you to convince them you’re the perfect candidate.

In hiring, it’s not necessarily the most experienced or cost-effective applicant who gets the job; it’s the first candidate most likely to succeed in the role. Employees who excel enjoy their jobs and stay. Staff retention equates directly to client retention and business success.

Make your esthetician description for resume convincing enough to get a callback and an interview. Keep your resume authentic so you’re a perfect fit when you meet the hiring team. Write honestly and confidently, using strong action verbs and listing your work experience in the same order as the job description.

Use a business font, bullet points, clear headings, and white space to make this section reader-friendly. Fit each core responsibility into a single bullet point, including exact keywords. Various people will likely view your resume when you apply to large establishments. Ensure it’s easy to follow, comment on, and share.

Esthetician resume samples show you how to get it done

Skin Care Therapist job description sample

  • Providing advanced skincare treatments, customized facials, and esthetic services to clients.
  • Advanced techniques include PCA chemical peels, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, facial waxing, and collagen induction therapy.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage after body contouring and post-treatment instructions.
  • Post-treatment make-up application advice and product sales recommendation.
  • Building strong client relationships and assessing and reporting on customer complaints to improve customer experience.
  • Managing product inventory and product sales figures.

Laser Therapist work experience example

  • Providing advanced skincare techniques and facial services with laser therapy.
  • Utilizing a wide variety of laser hair removal techniques and hair removal treatments.
  • Preparing skin for hair removal and ensuring proper post-treatment skin care regimen.
  • Sharing specialized training with educated clients on their treatments and outcomes.
  • Guaranteeing optimum level of customer service to clients to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Product sales, meeting sales incentives, and weekly product inventory checks.

Expert hint

Fit each core responsibility into a single bullet point, including exact keywords. Not only does this make your job-specific resume reader-friendly, but it’s also ATS-friendly.

Key takeaways on creating esthetician resumes

And there we’re done!

Use this resume writing guide, example of esthetician resume, and expert hints to get your esthetician resume on the interview shortlist.

Let’s recap the most critical points:

  • Create a detailed master aesthetician resume upfront.
  • Read job posts thoroughly before applying.
  • Research the company to ensure it’s a good fit for you.
  • Match the job requirements to your master resume.
  • Compile a job-specific resume targeting the role.
  • Keep your resume concise and no more than two pages.
  • A professional esthetician resume template works best.
  • Proofread and re-check your resume before submission.
  • Always save and submit your resume in PDF format.
  • For absolute professionalism, use a resume builder.
  • If in doubt, opt for a professional resume writing service.

Next steps?

Find your best esthetician resume template

First impressions are crucial in job hunting, particularly in the early screening stage. The hiring process is fast-paced, and resumes get scanned for suitability in seconds.

Presentation plays a massive role in making an outstanding first impression. Even if parsers move your resume on, recruiters won’t spend much time on an untidy, difficult-to-read resume.

Select a modern, user-friendly, and ATS-friendly template from our vast CVMaker library of resume templates. Each template comes with color options for you to choose from, too. You can also change templates and colors with a single click while making your resume or on completion.

One of job seekers' most common errors is designing DIY resume templates. Don’t do it unless you know exactly what ATS and recruiters expect. Rather, deliver an impressive esthetician resume with perfect layout, style, and content with CVMaker's resume builder.

Resume writing service

Don’t miss out on esthetician opportunities because you doubt your resume writing skills. Our amazingly talented expert resume writers are a click away. They’re at the top of their game regarding optimizing keywords and following current hiring trends. The fact is, a well-written resume builder resume is more likely to land in front of the hiring manager. We want you to succeed and can’t wait to start writing your winning aesthetician resume.

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What is an esthetician resume summary?

A resume summary, or resume objective, is a short about me bio in around 80 words. Used with or without resume headlines, it sits at the top of your resume, giving readers insight into the content. It must be relevant to the vacancy, contain keywords, and hook attention to make readers want to know more about you.

Must an esthetician be licensed?

While licensing standards vary, almost all countries require estheticians to be licensed before they can practice. A minimum amount of practice hours is needed, followed by practical and written exams before a license is issued. Specific specializations may require separate licensing. Depending on the country, state, or board, licenses must be renewed every few years.

Does an esthetician student need a resume?

Yes. Whether you’re applying for an internship, an apprenticeship, or a permanent position as a trainee, you’ll need an entry level esthetician resume. Compensate your lack of work experience by detailing your education, training courses, and professional qualifications. Use your resume objective to make a strong statement about your passion for skincare.

Where to find new esthetician resume examples

This resume guide includes an esthetician resume no experience. Our library of professional resume templates also has a wide range of templates that suit estheticians. While reviewing new esthetician resume examples is great for inspiration, following the job post for content is vital. Only include details and key skills from the job requirements in your resume.

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