Call Center Customer Service Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

You need to create an excellent call center customer service resume or you wouldn’t be here right now. This guide is designed to help you craft the perfect resume so you get a call for an interview from a hiring manager. Whether you have been sending out lots of resumes recently or you haven’t had to write one in years, we’ll be sharing all the tips, tricks, and examples you need to build a professional document that gets attention.

Part of building the perfect call center customer service resume is showing that you know how to do the job. You want to indicate that you’re great at answering calls from customers to give them answers to their questions and can recommend services and products that make their lives easier. Having good communication and listening skills is a must in this kind of position.

Of course, having the right customer service skills is only one piece of the puzzle. Everything from your educational background to past experience in the industry is also important to share with a hiring manager. You’ll also find that some positions require extra information about other things. It can be a lot to figure out if you aren’t already adept at creating resumes.

As you read through this guide and craft your own resume, we’ll share everything you need to know. We’ll walk you through the two phases of building a modern resume, as well as how to look it over at the end for any errors. We’ll also give you a sample resume to look at and explain why things are done the way we recommend. First, we want to talk about the basics of creating this important document.

Call center customer service resume writing guide: Where to start?

When you create a call center customer service representative resume, you want to be sure it gets noticed. Most managers spend around nine seconds looking at a resume so it has to catch the eye and quickly impart information. There are two phases to creating a great customer service resume, which we’ll get into below. A master resume is the first phase while a job-specific resume is what you actually send in with your job application.

Master resume for call center customer service

If you head to Google and search “call center CSR resume,” you’ll see well-formatted and attractive documents. These are job-specific resumes. Each of them is tailored for a particular position using the information from the job advertisement. Before you move to this phase of resume creation, you first want to build a master resume. This is a document where you compile your own information.

Everything from your certifications and skills to work experience and education is listed in a master resume. Instead of creating a masterful document with a sleek layout, this is something only for your own eyes. It gives you a space to save important information so you have access to it in the future. After all, it can be simple to forget things after time passes.

If you already have a master resume, now is a good time to ensure it is fully updated. For those who haven’t created one in the past, you can also do that at this time. Anything relevant to any job should be listed on the resume. This makes it easy to grab information for your job-specific resumes, both now and in the future. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant now, it could be later.

As you spend time in a specific industry, you’re going to forget things. You might not remember the specifics of an accomplishment, for instance, that you’d like to share. If you compiled this in your master resume, you have the information whenever you need it. We recommend creating a master resume to make things easier in the future.

Job-specific resume for call center customer service

Going back to those Google resume examples for call center customer service positions, the second part of making a resume is ensuring it is job specific. All the information from the master resume can be used to fill this resume and make it perfect before you send it in with a cover letter while applying for a job. Before you do, we recommend doing some research on the company offering the position.

The reason to research and keep the job description handy is to create a highly relevant document. All of the skills and requirements listed in the description are things you can add to your resume. It gives you a better chance of proving you’re the right person for the position.

It’s going to take time to create two resumes if you didn’t have a master to start with. However, it’s well worth it when you see how easy it is to move items from one resume to the other to create a unique resume for every position you apply to. All your info is on the master resume so it’s a matter of copying and pasting the bits that matter.

The master resume can be saved in any format and style, but the job-specific document will need to look and be read a certain way. This is the time to think about flow and how things work together on the page. Keep in mind that your job-specific resume should be no more than one to two pages long. If you have information that isn’t highly relevant, it’s best to remove it and place things that are. Use the research you did earlier to get an idea of what you want this resume to look like when it’s finished.

Call center customer service resume example

Call Center Customer Service Resume Example

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In call center customer service resume examples like this one, you’ll notice that everything fits on the page with white space to make reading easier. Destiny’s resume focuses largely on her skills and achievements, but also notes her education and has a compelling resume objective.

What to include in a call center customer service resume? Writing tips and examples

What should you include on your resume? There’s a reason we ask you to open the call center customer service representative job description for resume writing. It gives you key insights into what the employer wants to see. Most customer service resumes should include your contact information, a resume objective, work experience, education, and skills. Feel free to add references and other sections as needed.

How to write a resume objective on a call center customer service resume

 Take a look at any customer service call center resume sample and you’re likely to see a resume objective. It’s located toward the top of the document in a small paragraph. The resume objective tends to be from two to four sentences and should lay out your achievements and goals. You can also add some of your skills in this section.

The hardest part of penning a resume objective is providing insightful information in only a few words. Think about your achievements while considering the keywords you noted in the job description. This will give you an idea of what to highlight as you create the section. Numbers and powerful verbs are great options here.

Skills to list on a call center customer service resume

Another thing you’ll notice on a call center customer service resume sample is a list of skills. When creating your own, you typically want to keep this list between five and 10 entries. You can largely focus on hard or soft skills but you want a mixture of both. It shows you can communicate and work with others while having needed technical skills.

For instance, you might include organization, problem-solving, and verbal communication as soft skills. Specific software and industry knowledge can be used to fill out a few hard skills. This list of abilities can be listed on the main body of the resume or a sidebar, depending on the template or design you choose.

How to write work experience on a call center customer service resume

Another section that is highly important in resume examples for a customer service call center is work experience. This is where you really show off what you’ve done in the past and why it matters. You should include this section even if your experience is in things like internships or volunteering.

A reverse-chronological format is the best choice for most people. This means you’d place your most recent position at the top and then move backward as you go down the page. Keep in mind that you do not have to include every position you’ve held. However, you do want to share any that might be relevant to the new position you want.

As for how to format this section, you’ll start with a header on top. This is where you list the name of the company, its location, when you worked there, and what your role was. The space under the header is for you to list some of your biggest accomplishments and roles while in that specific position.

How to list references on a call center customer service resume

Another section many expect for a resume for a customer service representative for a call center is references. This section isn’t mandatory but it’s quite common so you may wish to include it. Anywhere between three to five references are what a manager expects to see here. You can use past managers as well as non-work-related entries.

There are several methods for providing references, but one is better than the others. We recommend that you include the name and company of the reference on the resume itself. However, rather than including their contact information, write “available on request.”

While you can choose to include all of this information, it isn’t the best idea. Anyone could access the resume and the personal information you include. By requiring a manager to contact you to call or email a reference, this is much less likely to occur.

Looking for a template that makes all your information stand out on the page? We have a number of options and each of them is simple to use. Choose your favorite and be sure your resume is the one the hiring manager notices.

Key takeaways

At this point, you have templates to use, tips to follow, and examples to ensure you create an amazing customer service call center resume. Make sure you’ve included all needed sections, checked for typos and other errors, and have a fantastic cover letter to send in at the same time. Check out the last few tips below and get ready to turn in your application!

Resume tips for call center customer service workers:

You have great work experience and a stellar resume objective for a customer service call center resume, but are you ready to turn in the document? Follow our last few resume tips below to make sure you create an awesome first impression.

·       Take a glance at the page so you can determine whether your resume has flow. Feel free to clean up anything inaccurate but don’t focus too much on that just yet.

·       Consider the fonts and colors you’ve used for your resume. Does everything fit together well? If something seems off, now is the time to make those necessary changes.

·       Go ahead and read the entire resume from top to bottom. This time, you are looking for errors and omissions. Take care of these things before you move forward and apply for a job.

·       Make sure your call center customer service resume has a great aesthetic, nice spacing, and ideal organization. You want to be sure there’s nothing that seems off before you finish the process.

·       Spend time reading the resume again but this time, do it aloud. See how things flow and sound when you speak the words of your resume. If anything is a bit clunky, make changes so it’s not.

·       Fill out the job application, attach your resume and cover letter, and send it in. This is your chance to get the job of your dreams!

Next steps?

Are you struggling to create a call center customer service resume that really stands out? You don’t have to do it alone. Instead, let an expert handle the process when you sign up for our Resume Writing Services. We’ll make sure the resume looks great, has all the needed info, and gives you a good chance moving forward.


What sections should I include on a call center customer service resume?

Some sections on a call center customer service resume are mandatory and others are optional. The sections you should always include are personal information, a resume objective, professional work experience, educational background, and skills. Anything else is a matter of taste unless the application directs you to include it.

As for the optional sections, these include references, hobbies and interests, languages, achievements, and certifications. If you choose to add any of these sections, make sure to keep it relevant and include the most important information.

What skills are best for a call center customer service resume?

The right skills for a call center customer service resume are going to vary based on the specific position. You should look at the job description to get an idea of which abilities and skills are going to indicate you’re a great candidate for the job. However, some generic skills tend to work well, such as communication and conflict resolution skills.

When choosing customer service call center resume skills, think about both what the company wants to see and what you do best. You want to create a list that takes both things into account. It’s also useful to choose both hard skills and soft skills related to the position.

How do I make my call center customer service resume stand out?

There are all sorts of tips out there for making your call center customer service resume stand out. A few of the most important include making the resume short, being sure it’s simple to read, and including a resume objective or summary. However, these are only a few examples.

Everything from what you include on the resume to what you omit will have an impact on what impression you give off. Tailoring your resume for a specific position is a great way to stand out. So is proofreading the resume before you send it in. Any errors seen on the resume can make it seem as if you didn’t care enough about the job to check the little things.

How do I describe my call center experience on a resume?

When you’re putting down work experience, it’s better to show your achievements than to solely describe your duties. In many cases, a happy medium between the two is the best option. You want to talk yourself up throughout the course of your call center customer service resume.

For instance, talk about the rate of satisfied customers you had or how you finished calls a certain percentage faster than the average agent. Including power verbs and numbers can add a lot to a customer service resume. You quantify your experiences and show what you can do for the new company.

What is the best structure for a call center customer service resume?

The basic structure for a call center customer service resume starts with your contact information. This should either be at the top of the resume or on the small sidebar if you choose a two-column design. In most cases, you start with the resume objective at the top and then include work experience, education, and skills.

These are only the most common sections for this type of resume. You can add others and place them lower down on the page. Those who use a two-column layout can also add information there, which can give you more room to add these types of extras.

How should I format a resume for call center customer service?

Assuming you’ve already structured the resume well and applied an aesthetically appealing layout, the last thing to worry about is the formatting. A call center customer service resume should be between one and two pages and white space should be avoided if it helps keep things brief.

When choosing the format you want, think about everything from font size and face to the spacing you add between sections and what accent colors you use to make information stand out.

How long should a call center customer service resume be?

Most resumes, including one for call center customer service, are best when they are short. As such, experts agree that the resume should be one to two pages long. While there are exceptions when your resume can be longer, it’s better to be concise if that’s an option.

The general rule of thumb is that the resume should be one-page maximum if you have limited experience. Those who have been in the industry for a decade or longer can go with a two-page resume. If you can keep it to one page, that’s generally the better choice even for those with additional experience.

What layout works best for a call center customer service resume?

You can choose from several layouts depending on your own preferences and what you think will be appreciated by the company you are applying to. Regardless of your choice, the layout needs to make your information quick and easy to read. After all, most hiring managers look at a resume for under 15 seconds.

In most cases, the format will start with your contact information at the top. This is followed up by the resume objective, work experience, education, skills, and any other information you wish to include. A two-column resume is an option that works for many people.

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