Assistant Manager Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

An assistant manager in any industry needs to be capable of innovative practices and should be an expert at implementing changes in a challenging environment. Providing outstanding customer service, making sure workers are trained and following all policies, and keeping profits high are all parts of the daily operations in this position.

But how do you indicate to a hiring manager that you can maximize customer satisfaction and handle all the other aspects of this fast-paced position? The answer is an outstanding assistant manager resume. This document is the key to introducing yourself to a company and showing you’d make a fantastic addition to the team.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management positions will increase by 5% from 2019 to 2029. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have steep competition for the best roles. When you want excellent pay, great benefits, and a positive culture, you have to show that you’re the exact right person for the position. Your resume is the first chance you get to do that.

The good news is that this guide is here to help you show you have the right stuff. We’ll share the steps associated with creating a superb assistant manager resume and delve into the specifics of important sections and what to share about yourself. We’ll also give you tips about formatting and word use so you can be sure your resume gets a second look.

Assistant manager resume writing guide: Where to start?

Whether you already have professional experience or not, you need access to the assistant manager job description for the resume. This is going to be a huge part of ensuring your resume fits what the employer is looking for in a new hire. It holds the key to an excellent document. We prefer a two-step process to create the best resume. Below, we’ll give you all the details.

Master managers assistant resume

Being an adaptable team leader who can handle customer complaints with a smile is important in a retail environment. Yet, assistant manager duties vary and every resume you submit should be unique. That’s just one of the reasons that we recommend crafting a master resume before you move on to the job-specific document you turn in with your application.

A master resume is a document that holds all your employment information. You can list your experience, jot down your skills, note dates of education, and much more. This document isn’t going to be turned in. It’s solely for your benefit to make it easier to build resumes tailored to specific jobs down the line. Since every position is different, there’s no limit to what you should include. It doesn’t have to be relevant to the current position you want.

A master resume makes it easier to complete other documents. While you might forget a date or the name of a role you had years before, the information can be kept in the master resume. All you need to do is copy and paste the things that are relevant to this position. The rest can wait until it’s needed for future applications. Make sure to update your master resume from time to time.

Job-specific assistant manager resumes

Once you have the master resume, you’re on your way to a job-specific resume. This is the one you turn in that shows off your exceptional customer service and dedication to positive customer communication. Since other eyes will land on this document, it needs to be free of errors and look good at the same time.

Since you have the job description, you can see the assistant manager duties for the resume. Pull keywords and skills from the job advertisement as a way to customize it for a specific job. Not only does this show that you understand the position, but it also ensures you make it through applicant tracking systems that search for certain terms and phrases. This ensures it makes it to the hiring manager in the first place.

It might seem like a lot of work to make a job-specific resume for every position, but it’s important. A generic document isn’t going to have the same impact as one that revolves around what you see in a job description. Take time to do your research and get it right so you have the best chance of moving forward.

Assistant manager resume sample

Assistant Manager Resume Example

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You can view one of our assistant manager resumes samples above. You’ll see that it has a streamlined aesthetic and uses eye-catching color to stand out. The applicant has all the information about who they are, why they’d be a great worker, and what to expect from them. The structure used is a common one and you can use it to guide yourself as you write your own assistant manager resume PDF.

What to include in a resume for an assistant manager? Writing tips and examples

Listing assistant manager job duties on a resume is a good start, but you need more than excellent customer service to prove you can do the job. Everything from your resume objective to the list of skills you include has an impact on whether you are considered for the position. Below, we’ll share some of the most important sections of the resume and how to set them up to be as successful as possible.  Use these tips to develop the best assistant manager resume.

How to write a resume objective on an assistant manager resume?

The first section to focus on is the assistant manager resume objective. This section is short but filled with pertinent information. The last thing you want to do is make this generic and risk being dull. The goal of the resume objective is to gain attention so someone continues reading the entirety of your resume.

As much as possible, focus on achievements. For instance, you might talk about how you smashed weekly sales goals by 20% or increased company assets over six months. As you can see, action verbs are useful here. The same is true for numbers. Make this a must-read section if you want to succeed.

However, keep in mind that this section is a very short paragraph. Some people can say everything that needs to be said in two sentences. Going up to four sentences is fine but try not to make it any longer. While accomplishments are what this mostly focuses on, you can also talk about your education, skills, and other assets you would bring to the job.

While you want to format most sections to be very appealing, that isn’t needed for this one. Words are what matter. This should be a simple block of text near the top of the resume that acts as an introduction and written elevator pitch. It’s short but it needs to create a lasting impact so you move forward.

Skills to include on an assistant manager resume

Soft skills. Hard skills. Problem-solving skills and others. Assistant manager skills on a resume are another thing you want to get right. This is a section where you should use the job description to determine exactly what you want to showcase. For one job, your organizational skills might be the most important. Another application might be better off with several communication skills listed.

It all comes down to which are the most relevant skills in your arsenal. You can see what managerial skills are noted in the description and add your own that fit what the employer wants. This is another situation where you want to customize the list to ensure you stand up to the competition. After all, there might be dozens (or hundreds) of other people who want this same job.

You also didn’t have to gain these skills from other managerial work. Entry-level applicants can choose skills they learned in other positions or even their personal life. What matters is that you are honest about what you’re capable of and you stick to traits that are needed in the role you hope to gain.

In most cases, a list of five to 10 skills is more than enough. Going beyond that could take up too much space on your assistant manager resume. In addition to listing the skill, you should also indicate your proficiency with it. Try to choose skills you are the most adept at whenever possible. A few examples are listed below:

·       Active listening

·       Customer service

·       Commercial awareness

·       Day-to-day operations

·       Effective communication

·       Inventory management

·       Cash management

·       Safety procedures

·       Retail operations

·       Employee training

·       Budget management

How to include work experience on an assistant manager resume

Assistant manager responsibilities on a resume are generally under work experience. This is where you share your supervisory experience, all the time you have assisted customers, and similar tasks. However, this section is about more than relevant experience. It’s best to include some of your accomplishments whenever possible.

Most people will want to list their experience in reverse-chronological order. You put your most recent position at the top and then work your way back. At the top of the entry, explain who you worked for, what dates you were there, and what your actual role was. Underneath you can use the space to expand on what you’ve done.

Putting down your daily tasks is often not the best way to fill the bullet list under the basic information. You should explain what you did but frame it in a way that lets you show your achievements. For instance, if you increased customer satisfaction by 10% in two months, that’s what you want to share with a hiring manager.

In most cases, you’ll want around three to six bullet notes under your positions. However, this can vary as long as you don’t go overboard. It can be useful to have more information about recent positions and less for jobs that may be farther in the past. This isn’t a hard and fast rule though so do what works for you.

Now that you understand how to create the most crucial parts of your resume, you need to ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing. This is a cinch when you use CVMaker’s assistant manager resume templates. We offer them in a variety of styles and each comes in several colors so you can make your document truly your own.

Key takeaways on building a professional resume for an asst manager

You can follow every company policy and know how to ensure customer loyalty, but now you have the information you need to prove that on your assistant manager resume. Use our tips and examples to build a resume that gets noticed. It could be the key to getting an interview. Good luck!

Extra tips for assistant manager resumes:

As one of many job seekers who wants an assistant manager role, we want to share a few extra tips to put your document over the top. Use these to finish up the resume so you can get your application in.

·       Remember that the resume isn’t the only attachment you need for a job application. Write an engaging cover letter to give additional information about yourself and explain why you deserve to get the position.

·       The small details matter so we recommend reading over the assistant manager resume before you submit it. Check for misspellings and typos that might detract from the document. Use a tool like Grammarly for the best results.

·       Go through your skills section and make sure you’ve included both soft skills and hard skills. Both types of skills are important for anyone in an assistant manager position.

·       After you finish your resume (and make any needed edits), it’s best to turn it into a PDF document. This file format will retain its appearance on any kind of device so you can be sure the manager sees exactly what you turn in.

·       Think about doing a short pass-through of the resume by reading it aloud. This can give you a better idea of the flow of the document so you can make final changes.

Next steps?

You have managerial experience and understand what the assistant manager role is all about. Are you having trouble conveying that in words on your resume? You don’t have to struggle if you have concerns about your own skills with resume writing. At CVMaker, we offer a Resume Writing Service to help you. An expert will help you put everything together so you’re more likely to get an interview.


What should an assistant manager put on a resume?

Many sections are typically listed on an assistant manager’s resume. For instance, you want to include contact information followed by an assistant manager description for the resume. Other important sections are education, skills, and experience.

In addition to the mandatory sections, you can also add others. For instance, you might want to list certifications or languages that you understand. Some people choose to share hobbies and interests while others include projects and awards. It all depends on what fits the job you want to land.

How should I write an entry-level assistant manager resume?

If you’re a sales associate who wants to become an assistant store manager or you otherwise have less experience than others, you’ll need to reflect that in your resume. Having less experience doesn’t mean you can’t get the job. It just means you need to focus your attention on what you have done and are good at.

Those with a university education can highlight the things they’ve done there. However, remember that experience doesn’t have to be from a paying job. Internships and volunteer opportunities can also be used. The idea is to tailor your resume to show you in the best light.

What is the best resume description for an assistant manager?

Whether you want to get into upper management or you’re just going into assistant management positions for the first time, the resume description is an essential part of your resume. The best description is one that pertains to the specific position you want. List achievements that relate to what you’d do in the new job.

While you write a resume description, remember that your job is to impress. This is the first thing a hiring manager or recruiter will read and it needs to make them interested. Action words, numbers, and evidence of success will go a long way toward making the right impression.

What strengths should you list to support an assistant manager position?

Most of your strengths will be listed in the assistant manager resume skills list. However, the entire resume is a place to show off what you’re good at so you can also add details in your resume objective, experience, and other areas. The strengths you choose to disclose will vary based on your own abilities and the job description.

For instance, all managers should have leadership skills. However, some positions will prioritize certain abilities over others. Make sure you use keywords from the job description to show you’re the best candidate. Only relevant strengths should be listed when you want to create the best assistant manager resume.

Is there a specific format used for an assistant manager resume?

There is no single way to format your resume but having things in a certain order will make it easier to read for a prospective employer. For instance, the assistant manager resume summary should be at the top of the document while skills and references should be near the bottom.

Most resumes will have a format that includes the work experience followed by the education section and then skills. However, this isn’t true in every single case. An entry-level applicant might wish to focus on their education over experience and there is nothing wrong with changing things to highlight the sections that matter.

Which writing style is appropriate for a resume for an assistant manager?

As you write your assistant manager resume description, you might wonder if there’s a certain style you should tailor it to. The most important thing to be aware of is whether you’re being professional or not. It’s better to go a little extra formal than to risk creating a document that comes off as casual.

When wording the sections of the resume, avoid slang or terms that wouldn’t fit into a business environment. It’s also a good idea to minimize the jargon you include in the document. While it might be second nature to you, not everyone who sees the resume will understand it if there are unfamiliar words and terms.

How long should my assistant manager resume be?

If you take a look at a few assistant manager sample resumes on the web, you’ll see that most of them are a single page long. However, that doesn’t mean everyone needs to keep their document that brief. It’s fine to go to a two-page format as long as all the information on the resume is relevant.

Those who are less experienced will often find that one page is enough. If you’ve been doing this kind of work for a decade or more, two pages are completely acceptable. It all comes down to what you want to share. Going over two pages is generally not recommended, however.

Do assistant manager resumes need an education section?

Absolutely. Education is an important part of a resume for an assistant manager. Employers want to see that you have a high school diploma or have excelled at a college or university. Include the institution where you got the degree and what your major was if you graduated from a university.

Those with only a high school education should list it. If you’ve gone to university, high school information can be omitted. Those with little experience can also choose to add other details about their degree. GPA, honors, extracurricular activities, and more can really round out your resume.

You have tons of tips now that will help you create an assistant manager resume that you can be proud of. All that’s left is to make sure it looks good so you get the attention you deserve. CVMaker can help you with this last step in building a great resume. View our resume templates and choose one that best fits your needs.

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