Account Manager Resume Sample, Job Description & Writing Guide for 2024

Account managers, who are also sometimes called sales managers, handle important tasks in businesses across a variety of industries. As technology improves and streamlined solutions are available for managing customer relationships, the demand for account managers is expected to go up. From 2021 and 2031, the job growth is expected to be about 5%.

If you want to impress a hiring manager and get a great account management job, there’s one document that will be extra important to the process. You need the best possible account manager resume to send in with job applications. It should show you excel in relationships with clients and will provide critical value to the employer.

For those coming into the industry as entry-level applicants, you can expect to learn the ropes by working with a small number of accounts. Those who have additional experience may have many more clients to manage or could be put in charge of huge accounts that are more exact in their requirements. Showing you can do the job is crucial to stand out from the pack.

Since you’ll be competing with tons of other applicants for a position, it’s important to really focus on building a resume that impresses. It’s the only way you’ll end up interviewing for positions with excellent salaries and amazing benefits. As you read this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know to succeed. Everything from tips and examples are provided to make the process a quick and simple one.

Account manager resume writing guide: Where to start?

Looking at account manager sample resumes can give you an idea of what your own document should look like. However, when you’re up against hundreds of resumes from other applicants, you really need to make sure you shine. To do that, we recommend you create a master resume before you build a job-specific resume. Below, we’ll share the details about how to do both.

Master account management resume

You want to land a manager position where you work with potential customers and improve the workplace with your expertise. Before you can do that, you need a great sales account manager resume. The first step in that process is building a master resume. This is a private document that you use to compile information for resumes and applications.

There are no formatting or design requirements for this resume since nobody else will see it. It is defined by what you put into it. So pull up a Word document (or a notebook) and start putting down your information. Share your skills and proficiency levels, what degrees and certifications you have, and what your past experience is composed of.

Why is this so important? Because humans don’t retain information forever. When you take it down in a document, you aren’t going to have to dig to figure out when a date was or what a project was about when you want to talk about it in a job-specific resume. It acts as a backup to your memory and can refresh you on past experiences.

Some of you might already have a master resume. If so, that’s great but you do want to take time to make sure it’s current. Update with new jobs or skills that you’ve gained since the last time you were applying for jobs. Doing this on occasion, even when you’re employed, is the best technique to avoid forgetting something that might be important down the road.

Job-specific accounting manager resume

After you have a master resume ready to go, it’s time to craft the job-specific account manager resume. You’ll want to have the account manager job description for the resume since you are going to use it in the process. All resumes should be customized for every application and you need account managers resume keywords to do that.

The idea here is to share the best parts of yourself in the resume. You want to be relevant at all times and tie anything you write into the position you hope to gain. The reason you want the job description at your side is because it gives you clues on what you should focus on. Taking time to read and reread it will give you an understanding of what the employer wants.

Then all you have to do is take that knowledge and apply it to your resume as a whole. Incorporate as many of the job description keywords as you can. Avoid talking about experiences or skills that don’t have anything to do with what you’d be tasked with in the role. This is the best way to create a resume that gets noticed.

You also need to focus on two things with the job-specific resume. The writing is important but so is the design. If it looks bad or turns out to be hard to read, it’s unlikely you’re going to move forward. A pleasing resume that is simple to read is more likely to get attention and take you to the next step in the process.

Account manager resume example

Account Manager Resume Example

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Account manager resumes and examples are good resources to use while creating your own document. You can see one of our accounting manager resume samples above. It includes contact information, a resume objective, skills, education, and experience. The objective is well-written and catches your attention while the other sections build on what is said there for a complete document that any manager would want to receive.

What to include in a resume for an account manager? Writing tips and examples

An accounts manager resume is going to have several sections. Some should almost always be included while others are far from mandatory. As you show that you can make long-term relationships with clients and customers, you want to share your contact information, skills, education, and experience. A resume objective is also an important part of the document for sharing who you are and what you can do.

How to write a resume objective on an account manager resume

The account manager resume summary is going to define the entire document. There’s no way to get around that. It sits at the top of your resume and it gives a glimpse at the top achievements you’ve had in the professional world. It’s short and simple to read but should be packed with useful information.

Most people writing resume objectives should keep them to two to four sentences. Going any longer than that can make the section too long and a manager may not get through the entire thing. While this section is short, that doesn’t mean it can be generic or boring. You need to make it as compelling as possible.

So how do you do that? Focus on accomplishments. Use action verbs and numerals to share what you have done in the past. Include the skills you’re great at, add in what certifications you have, or focus on your education if it’s going to make an impact on the hiring manager to do so. Share your strengths and position yourself as a contender.

There’s no one way to craft a resume objective since it’s based on you and what you can do. Let your story flow and make this section serve as a short summary of the rest of the document. Just be sure you also focus on the right things and use wording that makes someone want to continue reading.

Tips to include work experience on an account manager resume

Relevant experience is just as essential to this document as an account manager resume description (or objective). Many managers will prefer if you have professional experience in the same industry so you should largely focus on that if you are able to. However, impressive achievements in other industries can also make you stand out.

There is a basic structure you should use for the work experience section to ensure you include all the details a recruiter might need. First, create a header where you share the essentials. This includes your role at the company, which company it was, where the business was located, and what dates you are an employee. Underneath this is where you get into the larger details.

Bullet points should be used under the basic information so you can share specific achievements with the hiring manager. When possible, provide numerical accomplishments as this tends to be more impressive on resumes. You can also include some of your duties but focus more on the things you did that had an impact.

How to add education to an account manager resume

The last section we want to look at in detail is your educational background. Your degree is a baseline and people want to see it so don’t omit it. A lot of account managers have a bachelor’s in business administration and have also studied advertising, accounting, communications, management, finance, or marketing topics.

If you’re farther into your career, education will have less of an impact on employment. However, you should always include it even if you don’t add a lot of details. Make sure you list your undergraduate degree as well as any graduate degrees or certifications that you have.

For those who may not have a university degree, you want to include information about your high school diploma or GED. If you don’t have a lot of information to include in other sections, feel free to beef up this one. Adding your GPA, showing off relevant courses you’ve taken, and sharing leadership experience can be a great way to move forward.

Successful account managers who get the position they want have a resume that provides useful information while looking good at the same time. The good news is that you can do this too – and without taking a ton of time with formatting. Instead, use an account manager template to spruce up your document. We offer several options so you can choose the one that most appeals to you.

Key takeaways on building professional account manager resumes

The key to an account manager resume is showing you have a track record of providing excellent customer satisfaction. Making sure you include all the needed information and take the time to make the design appealing can help you go the extra mile. In addition to the resume itself, you’ll want to submit a cover letter with your application. Good luck!

Additional tips:

You’re almost ready to turn in your resume. Follow the short tips below to make sure the document is professional and interesting. This is a great way to make your acquaintance with a hiring manager who may bring you in later for an interview.

·       Whenever possible, make sure your resume focuses on customer relationships and working as part of a sales team. Both of these abilities are mandatory in this position so you want to show you can easily handle it.

·       As you write your resume, be careful about your tone and what kind of wording you use. For instance, the resume should always be professional and respectful. You also want to avoid casual terms and confusing jargon.

·       Before you turn in your resume, make sure you read through it at least once. This is the time to catch any mistakes and fix them before you submit the document. A tool like Grammarly can help you with this process.

·       Remember that format and layout also matter. Your resume needs to look good. Using templates and resume builders is a good way to ensure you hit the mark. Minimize the number of colors and fonts you use, as well.

·       Always convert your account manager resume to PDF format before you share it with others. This ensures it retains its format regardless of what device is used to read it. The manager sees your document exactly as you want to present it.

Next steps?

There’s a strong relationship between an informative and attractive account manager resume and landing a position. Are you concerned you can’t build a resume that will ensure eyes stay on it? You don’t have to worry, CVMaker is here to help. You can make use of our Resume Writing Service and have an expert take over the reins to ensure you make the best possible impression.


What are the typical responsibilities of an account manager?

As expected, this position has a manager role and focuses on internal and client relationships. The main goal is to ensure that all client needs are understood and met. In addition, an account manager will handle customer complaints, make sales, analyze and collect data, and find methods to improve overall customer experience.

If you aren’t sure what to include on your account manager resume, consider what the job advertisement is asking for. Tailor your resume to the desires of the employer if you want to move forward and get an interview. Being fully aware of what the position entails is a great place to start.

How should I describe account management roles on my resume?

When you’re trying to share your past experience in account management, it’s best to focus on your achievements rather than your tasks. It is a lot more compelling to hear you created an annual revenue growth of 5% across the customer base than to read that you improved client satisfaction without any additional details.

This doesn’t mean you can’t include tasks you did at your positions. However, when possible, show what you’re capable of. Accomplishments are sure to impress and make it more likely that a hiring manager will get in contact with you about the position.

What skills should an account manager list on a resume?

There are tons of account manager resume skills to choose from. For instance, some account manager skills for a resume are soft skills while others are technical skills. Having some negotiation skills, organizational skills, and leadership skills tends to work best for this kind of resume.

However, you also have to think about which are relevant skills. There’s no point in including abilities that you will never use on the job. While interpersonal skills and communication skills are always key skills, others may vary by position. For those who are new to the industry, look into transferable skills.

A few of the key skills that many people include are among the following:

·       Customer service

·       Contract negotiations

·       Customer retention

·       Cold calling

·       Marketing strategies

·       Business development

·       Business administration

·       Customer relationships management

What is an example resume objective for an account manager resume?

Every account manager resume objective is going to be different because the people and positions are all unique. An objective will explain your biggest achievements and skills while including action verbs and numerals to quantify the things you have done in the past.  It might also talk about your education or experience in some cases.

It’s best to create the resume objective after the rest of the resume is complete. You’ll have all your accomplishments on paper and can transfer them to the resume objective. Instead of going off of someone else’s objective, go your own way. You want to stand out and show you’re different and this is where that starts on a resume.

How long should an account manager resume be?

You want to make sure you share past account manager responsibilities on a resume, but you also don’t want to go overboard. The simple answer to this question is that most individuals should write an account manager resume that is one to two pages long. Going over that has its place but it’s very rare and going shorter is considered better.

When you think about it, a hiring manager is looking at dozens (or more) of applications. They aren’t going to want to spend an extreme amount of time on any resume. The shorter yours is, the more of it that will be seen. This can be a benefit since you can impart a lot of information in a short space and get an interview spot.

What is the most important priority of an account manager?

Everyone is going to answer this in different ways. However, anyone who is going to be successful in this position will have above-average communication skills. Make sure you show your own abilities in that realm when you create a national account manager resume. Hiring managers are unlikely to hire someone who isn’t good at conversing with others.

Of course, different managers will want different traits in account managers. Pay attention to the job posting to get an idea of what you should highlight. It might be ideal to talk about how adaptable you are, show you have amazing empathy skills, or provide evidence that you can multitask. Update your resume for the position if you want the best results.

How do I become an account manager with no experience?

If you’re interested in a position as an account manager but don’t have experience, there are ways to move forward. A bachelor’s or master’s degree will show that you understand the concepts associated with the position. In some cases, employers take a master’s degree in place of hands-on experience in the industry. The only way you can be sure is to apply.

Of course, if you have any experience to share, you should do that on your account manager resume. It doesn’t have to be in account management positions. However, it’s best to explain how the job gave you skills that are useful in the new position. Otherwise, consider gaining volunteer or internship experience if possible.

Are all your questions answered? If so, it’s time to build a resume for all those jobs you want to apply for. You have the tools and resources that you need, but there is one more thing that might be helpful. Since resumes stand out when they look good, choosing an account manager resume template can help the process. View ours and choose the one that best highlights your candidacy for a position. 

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